Singapore’s Ground-Breaking Green Library

A project completed in conjunction with City Developments Limited and The National Library Board, “My Tree House” is a “green” children’s library in Singapore. It is the first of its kind, educating children on a number of environmental topics, including recycling and energy conservation. While there are thousands of books for children to look through, […] Read more

Top 3 Books for your Clean Energy Library

The academic highlight of my grad program was a directed research thesis with Boston College IS professor, Rob Fichman. Disrupting the Carbon Quo was an exploration of the role innovation economics can play for acomprehensive response to climate change. For a few months, it was myjob to get schooled in energy transitions, up to speed […] Read more

Taiwan’s first unmanned public library to get powered by solar energy

Taiwanwill soon get its first unmanned 24-hour public library, constructionon which has begun. The library will generate power for itself using anarray of rooftop photovoltaic panels. The library has been donated tothe Taipei City Government by Cheng Fu-tien, late chairman of MotechIndustries Inc. The architects involved in theproject have stated that while in a conventional […] Read more