19 Feb

7 Ways Solar is Killing It

CleanEdison Blog

Things are looking up for the solar energy industry. Its growth has skyrocketed over the …

07 Apr

In Focus: Obama’s Executive Green Orders

The Green Market Oracle

President Obama has vowed that in the absence of congressional action, he will use his …

18 Dec

California SB-43 Re-introduced as Legislation

One Block Off the Grid

Please take the time to help us to help SB-43 pass.  It has the potential …

03 Aug

The World’s Lowest Emissions Building


One of Japan’s largest construction companies is making a bold claim. Shimuzu Corp. believes its …

18 Jun

No Go: New UK Energy Efficiency Plan

Green Chip Stocks

Green Campaigners are extremely disappointed with the result of a recent Energy Council meeting, in …

02 May

South Korea Passes Cap-And-Trade Legislation


South Korea passed legislation to begin a national cap-and-trade program with a near unanimous vote …

02 Apr

Canada’s Anti-Environment Budget

The Green Market Oracle

Prime Minister Steven Harper’s ruling Conservative government is using their majority to all but eliminate …

14 Feb

Clean Energy in Obama’s 2013 Budget


President Obama released his 2013 budget today, saying: “We must transform our economy from one …

10 Nov

Illinois Net Metering Gets Screwed

Illinois Solar Energy Association

If you attended Solar Drinks last night, then you learned the ugly truth about what …

28 Oct

Illinois Passes Smart Grid Legislation

Illinois Sierra Club

Wednesday the Illinois General Assembly passed “smart grid” legislation that included major provisions for renewable …

21 Jan

Who Cares About Energy?


I’m sitting in my studio/cell, as usual, working on the book, miredin one of those …

10 Sep

Revived Hope for Renewable Energy Legislation

Cleantech, Applied

To all the naysayers who questioned whether energy legislation couldpass this year, Senate Majority Leader …