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3 Examples of Solar as Architectural Design

3 Examples of Solar as Architectural Design

When people think of solar panels they don’t immediately think of beauty and innovative design. Instead they tend to picture ugly, blocky panels that have been awkwardly placed on the roof of a building. The bad thing about this is that the common perception of solar panels tending to be ugly is in fact a


The World’s Lowest Emissions Building

One of Japan’s largest construction companies is making a bold claim. Shimuzu Corp. believes its new Tokyo headquarters emits less carbon dioxide per square meter than any other building in the world. Thanks to a myriad of energy efficiency technologies and renewable energy installations, the building (pictured below) uses only 38 kilograms per square meter


The Green Grand Canyon

If you have been lucky enough to gaze upon the wonders of the Grand Canyon National Park, you likely remember admiring the varying shades of red, orange, yellow, brown, and even dark purple complementing the meandering Colorado River. But you probably didn’t notice that the Grand Canyon is turning green! Well, in the park’s practices


In Focus: The Greening of American Sports

The multi-billion dollar American sports industry may not be the most polluting industry, but it is among the most visible. With over 60 percent of Americans identifying themselves as sports fans, the greening of the sporting world could serve as model for a wide swath of people. The White House seems to agree. Last week,


In Focus: Green Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are gaining more importance every day because of their various benefits. Cost efficient, time efficient, energy efficient and arguably more durable that their counterparts constructed on site, modular houses are gaining takers steadily. Modular houses are essentially those houses that are built off site. Modules of parts of a house are constructed and


Dr. Pepper Goes LEED Gold Retrofit

Dr Pepper Snapple Group’s Plano, Texas headquarters are now LEED-Gold certified. The extensive renovation will not only cut the building’s operating budget by 25%, but the upfront price of the retrofit will be paid back in  under a year. The building has also earned an EPA Energy Star for cutting 3.2 million kWh of energy from 2008-2011. In addition to offices, Dr.


Did Apple Drop the Ball by Leaving EPEAT?

After announcing earlier this week that it would no longer participate in EPEAT environmental certification for its computers, Apple quickly changed its mind. Responding to negative feedback from “many loyal customers,” Apple has rejoined the EPEAT. “We look forward to Apple’s strong and creative thoughts on ongoing standards development,” says EPEAT CEO Robert Frisbee. “The outcome


Apple Withdraws Products from EPEAT Green Certification

Once again, Apple is making headlines for a controversial environmental policy. In late June, the company abruptly withdrew its products from the influential EPEAT green technology certification program. It comes as a shock because Apple was among the companies originally involved in designing the EPEAT rating criteria. EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) reduces the


In Focus: Environmental Impact Assessments on Buildings

Environmental impact assessments are carried out on buildings so as to ensure that the development has minimal or no negative effects on the environment. As part of these environmental  assessments carried out on buildings, raters conduct energy efficiency assessments that help establish the amount of energy a building requires to operate. These periodical assessments help


In Focus: Net Zero Building

Commercial and industrial facilities throughout the United States account for 40% of all energy use. That said, as part of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, it’ll be required that all federal buildings become net zero energy consumption by 2030 – and all commercial buildings by 2050. But, what exactly does “net zero”


New California Buildings to have Solar Ready Roofs

June 1 Update: The California Energy Commission voted 4 to 0 in favor of the new Energy Code. —- California’s latest update on its energy efficiency code for new homes and commercial buildings is doing a wonderful thing: It requires them to be “solar-ready!” That puts into place common sense design standards that ensure a building can


Chicago Joins Better Buildings Challenge

Chicago announced it will cut energy consumption 20% in 24 million square feet of public and private building space as part of the Obama Administration’s Better Buildings Challenge. Over the next five years, Chicago plans to upgrade 10 million square feet of city-owned buildings and 14 million square feet of privately owned buildings that are partnering with the city.