27 Jun

In Focus: LED Lamp Innovation

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

Large-scale adoption of retrofit LED lamps are forecasted to lead to $100 billion in global …

27 Jun

China Gobbles Up Weak U.S Solar Companies

Green Chip Stocks

The Chinese Scenario Big Chinese state owned companies are gobbling up financially strained Western solar …

10 May

100K Solar LED Bulbs Light Up Tokyo


LED lighting installations are probably one of the most universally loved and accepted green technology. …

09 May

Empire State Building Goes LED


The Empire State Building, known for its ever-changing iconic lights that mark NYC’s skyline, is …

28 Apr

Philips ‘Floating’ LED Street Lights


Open Squares are common meeting places, where people like to hang around and chit chat …

21 Apr

Philips New Light Bulb: Lasts for 20 Years, Costs $60


How much money is an average American consumer willing to spend on a state of …

13 Apr

LED Market Volatility

Cleantech, Applied

Growth in LEDdemand—driven by broad adoption of general lighting applications—is expected to come at a …

05 Apr

‘Aeroblades’ Street Lights by CREE


Cree has launched ‘Aeroblades,’ a series of luminaries based on the patented BetaLED technology and …

27 Mar

The O’Sun Solar Powered LED Lamp


There are many parts of the world where even today electricity is a luxury and …

07 Mar

MIT Scientists Create 230% Efficient LED Bulbs


Not only the traditional incandescent bulbs, but the Fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and even the LED …

01 Mar

LED Streetlights from Bridgelux

Greentech Media

Bridgelux, the LED startup that has traditionally put its technology into other customers’ lighting systems, …

03 Feb

LED Wafer Innovation Could Take Lighting to Next Level

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently released a report that forecasts the energy-savings prospectus …