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Perovskite Solar Cells: Getting the Lead Out

Perovskite Solar Cells: Getting the Lead Out

When people talk about solar photovoltaics, they’re usually talking about silicon PV, which has dominated the solar industry for decades, but there are a number of competing technologies out there that are trying to give traditional crystalline silicon-based PV a run for its money and one of the most promising is perovskite crystal technologies. Such


Germanium Nanowires: Making Lithium-Ion Batteries Better

New research led by an electrical engineer at the University of California, San Diego is aimed at improving lithium-ion batteries through possible new electrode architectures with precise nano-scale designs. The researchers created germanium nanowires that block diffusion of lithium (Li) across their silicon surface and promote layer-by-layer axial lithiation of the nanowire’s germanium core. Shadi


In 2010, Developing Nations to Lead in Wind

If you think sustainable business is a trend confined to industrialized countries, or that wind and solar power is too expensive to take off in the developing world, it’s time to think again. The sustainableinvestor network Ceres reported this week that for the first time ever, the developing world is on-track toinstall more wind energy

San Diego, Los Angeles Counties Lead in Residential Solar

One of the nice things about solar rebate programs — beyond the factthat they help reduce the cost of solar installation — is that they canprovide a trove of interesting solar-related data. See, in order to ensure that you receive state- or utility-sponsoredsolar rebate funds, your solar installer will need to file anapplication stating (among


New England: Positioned to Lead Cleantech Revolution

Over the past several months, businesses, environmentalists and policy experts alike have been pressing the U.S. Senate to pass comprehensive climate and energy legislation that places a price on carbon.  The New England Clean Energy Council, where I work, has been among those actively pushing for such a bill.  One of the points we’ve tried


Can Sopogy’s Small-Scale CSP Lead to Lower Prices?

Concentrated solar power (CSP) might conjure upimages of massive solar collector installations in the California Mojave or North African desert with tens of thousands of mirrors or miles ofparabolic troughs — along with a lot of annoyed tortoises, politiciansand environmentalists.  Sopogy’s take on CSP is a bit different than that. Smaller in size and operating at

Heraeus Takes Industry Lead

After only six months in production, Heraeus Photovoltaic Business Unithas announced that its front side silver paste, SOL9235H, has assumed an industry leading position in market share, quality and efficiency. Andy London, Global Business Unit Leader for Heraeus PV said: "In the shorttime we have had SOL9235H on the market it’s come to be widelyacknowledged

First Solar (FSLR) CFO To Lead New Utility Systems Division

First Solar (FSLR) will form a new utility systems business group to address the large-scalephotovoltaic (PV) system solutions market which will be headed bycurrent CFO Jens Meyerhoff.  Following its NextLight acquisition whichis expected to close this quarter, the company sees big potential in the utility scale business and will have 2.2GW in power purchase agreements


With $27 Trillion at Stake, it’s Time for the U.S. to Lead in Cleantech

A new WWF report has come out further emphasizing the great needfor the US to do more to seize its fair share of the growingmulti-trillion dollar clean energy export market. This repost by Lynn Englum from WWF’s blog gives an overview. Numerous news articles/op-ed pieces (see here,here& here) along with warnings from high-ranking governmental officials

China Takes Lead in Clean-Power Investment (LA Times)

In case you missed it, the LA Times reported yesterday Chinaovertook the United States for the first time in the race to invest inclean energy.  In its article, the LA Times features Applied Materials executiveMark Pinto and his insights into the company’s investment in China andthe country’s advantages in government incentives, a clear policy andstrong

CBS News Reports on China’s Clean Energy Lead

Originally Posted at Breakthrough Institute The CBS Evening News has profiled the U.S. position in the global clean energy race for a segment called, "Where America Stands,"and unsurprisingly, America stands behind China and other nations indeveloping and producing the technologies that will underpin thetremendous growth of the global clean energy sector over the comingdecades. CBS

Spider-Inspired technology Could lead to Self-Cleaning Solar Panels

Recentefforts to create self-cleaning windows and solar panels have ledscientists borrow technologies from natural systems including lotusleaves. Researchers at the University of Florida have come up with a similar technology that has been inspired from another of nature’s wonders – spiders. Theseresearchers reproduce the shape and patterns of the minute hair thatgrows on the bodies

China’s Lead on Green Energy Technology: My Interview on Minnesota Public Radio

Earlier this week I appeared on Minnesota Public Radio with Georgetown University’s Joanna Lewisfor 45 minutes of conversation on how China is taking the clean energychallenge by its neck and running with it.  Here’s the full audio tothe discussion: The show was clearly motivated by the recent New York Times front page storyby Keith Bradsher