02 Dec

Solar Land Bank Introduces Solar Energy Site Database

Solar Industry

Solar Land Bank LLC, a San Francisco-based developer of turnkey sites for renewable energy power …

10 Nov

Solar Energy Initiatives secures land to build 100 MW solar park in California

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Solar Energy Initiatives Inc., executing on a grass roots campaign,“RENEW THE NATION”, to help redeploy …

05 Nov

First Solar Buys Land Option From Ausra for Topaz Project (FSLR)

Greentech Media

First Solar has purchased a land option from Ausra, a deal that First Solar believes …

30 Sep

BrightSource Solar Expands On Coyote Land In Nevada

Green Prophet

Following recent news that environmentalists lobbied to have a solar energy project cancelled in Californiadue …

21 Sep

BrightSource Debacle in the Desert: Can Solar Power, Conservation, and Sustainability Co-Exist?

Buildings & Energy

On Thursday, September 17, BrightSourceformally announced that they are abandoning efforts to build a solarfarm …

18 Sep

BrightSource’s Mojave Desert Solar Project Result Terminated Due To Conflict

It’s been a turbulent week for solar in California. First, GovernorSchwarzenegger rejects legislation that lawmakers …

14 Jul

Solar Companies Head For The West

More than150 years after the pioneers saddled their horses andsharpened their pickaxes for the frontier, …

30 Jun

Solar in the Desert: Can we get it right this time?

The Phoenix Sun

It’s partly the florid language that makes me and some other Westerners uneasy. “Arizona, the …

30 Jun

Feds Propose 24 Solar Energy Zones

Greentech Media

UPDATE: Thestory now has links to maps showing the prosed solar energy zones.Interior Secretary Ken Salazar …

15 Jun

Solar Thermal On Private Land: Pros and Cons

Greentech Media

Getting approval to build onBLM land has proven to be a huge headache, so private …

28 May

Modern Day Gold Rush: Arizona Real Estate for Solar

Greentech Media

It could be the next great opportunity in real estate, or the modern day version …