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The 6 Coolest Recycling Initiatives

The 6 Coolest Recycling Initiatives

Of all the challenges humans face today, one of our most daunting is the eternal buildup of sold waste from our “disposable society.” This problem is relatively new when compared to the rest of our short history on this globe. Yet it has taken only a few short years to accumulate enough garbage to create


New York Lands $1 Billion for Solar

In his January State of the State address, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced an even greater commitment to clean energy during the next ten years. Cuomo’s NY-Sun Initiative has already seen great success, and Cuomo is looking to build on that success to put New York at the top of the U.S. solar rankings. Here are the highlights


California Throwdown: Solar vs. Farmland

Solar developers are swallowing up thousands of acres of productive California farmland to build utility-scale solar installations. That could be a big problem for California’s agriculture industry if the development is not more carefully monitored, said Ed Thompson with the American Farmland Trust. There are currently 40,000 acres of California farmland in development or slated


WOW: 1% of Land Covered With Solar Could Power The World

Solar PV can meet 100% of electricity demand on just 1% of  land by 2050, says the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). In 2010, they produced a report showing that a combination of energy efficiency and renewable energy can supply the world’s energy by 2050. But how much land would that take to make that huge jump feasible? And how would


Will California Reach It’s Renewable Energy Goals?

California has the most ambitious renewable portfolio standard (RPS) in the nation, requiring that 33 percent of the state’s energy mix come from renewables by 2020. There are 29 states (and the District of Columbia) with RPS goals in effect, but the average amount of renewable energy required in those states is much less than


The Philippines Passes Renewable Energy FiT

In a historic day for renewable energy in The Philippines, the country approved a feed-in tariff (FiT) that convers small hydro, biomass, wind, and solar. It postponed including ocean energy for further study. The government previously announced the FiT for geothermal separately, in what it calls a “geothermal crash program.” It raised the rates to provide incentives to


UK Farms Loving Solar

In the UK, more than a quarter of farmers have turned to renewable energy as a type of secondary income due to the feed-in tariff. As reported in the Guardian UK, renewable energy could overtake rural tourism as a secondary income as over 200 MW of installed renewable energy sources have been installed on farms.


How to Land a Green Job

Green jobs encompass a wide range of occupations. Green jobs are goingto play a pivotal role in reducing unemployment and reviving a sluggisheconomy. The green market has enormous potential, more than any otherindustry. We have already seen massive growth in the The solar and windindustries and this is likely to continue. Far too many Americanpoliticians


A New Galaxy in the Land of Tablets

A key theme at this year’s FPD International/Green Devices 2010 show was touchpanel applications for mobile devices. These shows areincredible because they are the first place to see new and excitingdevices—and to actually hold and demo upcoming ‘hot’ devices. As I worked my way down to the Samsung Mobile Devices booth, a large group had


Fed Fees for Solar on Public Land Draw Criticism

On June 10, the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sent a letter concerning the fees the federal government will chargesolar companies to develop projects on public land. Now, it seems, Uncle Sam is Under Fire. The Bureau’s letter outlined something called the “megawatt capacityfee” — a charge levied above and beyond standard land-use


Energy Policy and Land Use

The migration to renewable energy is complicated by a great number of factors in the renewable energy “triumvirate”-technological, economic, and political. The chart below shows one ofmany different dimensions of this complexity: land use – which, when you think about it, touches on all three. The data in the chart is derivedfrom: 1) a paper


BLM Restrictions Cause Solar Thermal to Seek Private Land

It appears as though bureaucracy at the federal level is killing some solar thermal projects out West, delaying others, or scaling themdown.  Companies that have been depending upon the Bureau of LandManagement to approve solar thermal projects on federal land have foundthemselves the target of environmentalists working to protect thesurrounding ecosystems from the impacts of

Solar Land Bank Introduces Solar Energy Site Database

Solar Land Bank LLC, a San Francisco-based developer of turnkey sites for renewable energy power generators, has launcheda solar energy site database. The database is designed to serve as aone-stop resource for energy production companies looking for sitesthat are available for the construction of solar PV developments. Thedatabase contains detailed site information, allowing users to