27 Aug

The NOMAD Portable Solar Light

Energy Refuge

An increasing number of companies has been working to create portable solar products, which are …

22 Jul

The Solar Eclipse Pavilion from Michael Jantzen

Michael Jantzen

The Solar Eclipse Pavilion is a design proposal for a large steel public art gathering-place …

27 Jun

In Focus: LED Lamp Innovation

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

Large-scale adoption of retrofit LED lamps are forecasted to lead to $100 billion in global …

23 Apr

The Trace Solar Lamp


Today researchers, artists and designers across the world are making the best possible efforts to …

14 Feb

The Mango Solar Street Lamp Concept


Mango is an eco friendly street light concept for India from a Hungarian designer, Adam …

22 May

MIT Students Develop $20 Solar Lamp for Remote India


A team of seven students from MIT and Rhode Island School of Design havecreated a …

03 Apr

The Solar Pebble Lamp by Plus Minus Design


The Solar Pebble is the brainchild of industrial designer AdamRobinson of Plus Minus Design. The …

08 Dec

Solar Night Ease Lamp


Whilemost eco-conscious homeowners are now trying to help the planet bygoing off-grid and installing a …

27 May

Sun-powered lamppost glows for 20 nights on a single charge


Designedby Joel Högberg, Björn Rehammar, Viktor Karlsson and Peter Flodin,students at Chalmers University of Technology …