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Ascent Solar externally certifies module encapsulation material for its flexible PV laminate

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. has announced that its packaging solution for flexible monolithically integrated CIGS modules has successfullypassed a critical environmental testing milestone. Anindependent laboratory conducted a series of tests on Ascent Solarmodules under the requirements of the IEC 61646 standards. The AscentSolar solution successfully passed all of the test requirementsincluding the rigorous standard of


Whirlwind’s Solar Laminate System

With off-grid rapidly slipping into the mainstream new ‘peel andstick solar laminates’ by Whirlwind solar have helped a house use 90%less energy than a conventional home. The solar laminate system consists of solar panels made from light weight amorphous silicon. The panelsare easily fitted between the ridges of conventional metal roofingsystems and connected to an