17 Jun

New Solar Panel Test Lab Coming to New Mexico

What better place to test the performance of solar panels thansun-soaked New Mexico? CFV Solar …

01 Apr

Spray-On Solar in the Works at UC Berkeley Lab

Berkeley, California has played host to a number of nation-shapingmovements in recent decades, from civil rights …

23 Feb

Natcore signs deal with Chinese consortium to take its solar technology from lab to power grid

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Natcore Technology Inc. has reached an agreement with a consortium inChina to form a joint …

15 Jan

Nanosolar Hits 16.4 Percent Efficiency in Lab

Greentech Media

MountainView. Nanosolar, the heavily-funded copper indium gallium selenide(CIGS) solar panel maker, is going commercial, says …

15 Jan

Inside Professor Peter Peumans Solar Lab

Greentech Media

Professor Peter Peumans of Stanford University spoke on Wednesday evening at the SVPVS (Silicon Valley …

07 Dec

Sunlight Solar Installs PV System At CT Nature Lab

Solar Industry

Sunlight Solar Energy Inc., a solar electric and solar hot water installation contractor with an …