Remembering: Solar PV Pioneer Bill Yerkes

The solar power family lost one of its founding fathers when John W. “Bill” Yerkes passed away on January 29. He was one month shy of his 80th birthday. I found out about his passing last week when SolarWorld paid tribute to the man. Since then, there has been an astonishing lack of coverage in both the trade […] Read more

Solar: Big in Japan for 2013

Can solar replace retired nuclear in Japan? Will Japan’s booming solar market have legs or will it fade like a FIT? Before the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan had about 50 gigawatts of electrical capacity from 50 nuclear reactors. Just two of those reactors have been restarted — but others will come on-line as they pass […] Read more

Kyocera Solar Panels: Tougher Than The Competition?

Solar panel systems from the Japanese manufacturer Kyocera that were installed in a small French near Lyon has been up and running for exactly two decades now. This about how long the warranty for solar panels lasts. What is remarkable about the 20-year old solar panels is that they show much less degeneration than what […] Read more

Kyocera Reaches 2M Module Milestone at San Diego Facility

Kyocera Solar Inc. has reached a major milestone at its solar panel manufacturing facilities in North America. This week, the company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera Corporation, announced that it has turned out 2 million photovoltaic (PV) solar modules at its facilities in San Diego, Calif. and Tijuana, Mexico. “This milestone demonstrates Kyocera’s ongoing […] Read more

In Focus: Floating Solar Panels

Japan is one of the few bright lights for the solar industry this year, with its new aggressive feed-in law. With developers rushing in, there’s room for innovation rather than the scrimping we’re seeing elsewhere. One of the more interesting concepts are floating solar plants. A domestic home developer, West Holdings, plans to build 10 floating solar […] Read more

Energy Efficiency: Is It The Real Deal?

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), peak electric loads in the U.S. are 20,800 MW lower than they would be without utility energy efficiency programs[1].  If it is correct it represents perhaps 100 power plants that did not need built that would have otherwise been required.  Similarly, the EIA data shows that electric usage […] Read more

Kyocera Grows Green Curtains

In an innovative move to save energy, Japan-based Kyocera is planting green curtains on all its buildings. In the wake of the nuclear shutdown, Japan has set energy reduction targets, and this is one way Kyocera is meeting them. Curtains of foliage grace the walls of manufacturing and office buildings and grow on trellises over windows, providing shade from […] Read more

Solar and Geothermal: Booming in Japan

Japan could become the next boom market for solar after it rolls out feed-in tariffs (FiT) for renewable energy in July, and several large projects have already been announced. With its nuclear plants shuddered there’s a big energy hole that needs to be filled. Strict energy conservation efforts are helping, and the country will increasingly […] Read more

Kyocera’s PV Power Generation System

If you want a little solar charger for your smartphone or a solar bulb that will help you in the backyard, then many of those are available with new ones coming forth every day. But units like the ones Kyocera is offering are not going to be launched all too often and this Solar Power […] Read more

England’s First Zero Carbon Church

The almost 900 years old St. Michael and All Angels Church in Withington, England recently became the country’s first ‘zero carbon church’. KYOTO Corporation from Japan had been assigned to supply its solar modules for a leading project that has helped in renovating the old church building, equipping it with all required tools for generating […] Read more

Who Would Survive a Solar Shake-Out?

A pattern that’s common in the growth of so many industries looks like it could soon take hold for solar – the pioneers get the industry going, then there’s an eventual shake-out, driving many of them out of business or gobbled up by the big guys, who enter later and take over. The hard times for solar manufacturers […] Read more

Kyocera Panels to Power EV Stations in Germany

Kyocera Corporation supplied 248 of its high-performance solar panels for a new 53 kW carport roofing installation in southern Germany which provides power for a charging station for electric cars and bikes. The system was designed and installed by BLU”e” Solar Group GmbH. Electric-powered automobiles and bicycles are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. As a […] Read more

Kyocera Solar Modules Fueling Electric Bikes in Germany

Kyocera Corporation today announced that it has supplied its high-performance solar modules for a carport roofing installation in southern Germany which providesKYOCERA Solar Modules Germany Solar Modules Fuel For Electric Bikes in Germany power for a charging station for electric cars and bikes. The system was designed and installed by BLU”e” Solar Group GmbH. Electric-powered […] Read more

KYOCERA supplies 305 kW of solar power to villages in Mongolia

Kyocera Corp. has installed a total of 305.1kW of solar power systems to two villages in Mongolia through the World Bank’s Renewable Energy forRural Access Project. The installations are among the largeststand-alone solar power generating systems in the world. The systemswere installed this summer and are now currently helping to provideelectricity for the daily needs […] Read more