17 Jan

Printed Solar: Falling Out Of Favor?


Printed solar photovoltaic technology is on its way down, according to a report from Lux …

24 Oct

Belectric Aquires Konarka’s Organic Solar Cell Assets

Greentech Media

Belectric, a Germany-based solar developer, financier, and construction firm with more than one gigawatt deployed …

15 Sep

Solar + Nanotechnolgy: The Future of Energy

Solar Energy World

One of our Solar Energy World Facebook fans requested a blog post about solar power …

08 Jun

Analysts: Not Surprised Konarka Collapsed


Solar company Konarka Power Plastic’s bankruptcy announcement early this week was no surprise to some …

03 Jun

Konarka Files for Bankruptcy

Greentech Media

Whatever else one can say about organic solar cell aspirant Konarka, the startup was amazingly …

16 May

Konarka Pushes BIPV


Konarka Technologies sees a different future for its remarkably adaptable solar product than solar companies …

24 Feb

Konarka’s Third Generation OPV Solar Technology

Energy Boom

Konarka Technologies, Inc. has taken another step forward as the leading developer of organic photovoltaic …

23 Oct

Konarka + Webasto = Solar Car Rooftops


Solar cells could soon be integrated into car roofs as a result of a collaboration …

05 Dec

Konarka Achieves 8.3% OLED Efficiency


Organic photovoltaics (OPVs) reached a new milestone this week whenKonarka announced that it achieved a …

03 Mar

Konarka Lands $20M for Organic Solar Cells

Greentech Media

Whatever one says about organic solar cell aspirant Konarka, the one thing the startup is …

11 Nov

Solar Curtain Wall by Konarka

Greentech Media

Konarka Technologies and Arch Aluminum & Glassplan to erect two walls of solar panels in …

22 Sep

Konarka Names Two New Executives

Solar Industry

Konarka Technologies Inc. has hired Alessandro Zeddaas vice president of materials development. He will lead …