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Jordan Announces Feed-in-Tariff (FiT)

Jordan Announces Feed-in-Tariff (FiT)

While North American regulators continue debating the merits of feed-in tariffs, another developing country has adopted the policy renowned for rapidly developing renewable energy in the developed world. This week Jordan’s Electricity Regulatory Commission introduced tariffs that will be paid for generation from various renewable technologies. The move is in response to the Renewable Energy and


Recent India Power Blackout Reinforces Need for Solar

600 million people without power – and those were the ones expecting to have power. I’m not going to join the chorus of critical voices reacting to two of the world’s largest power black-outs this week in India. While surely there is ample blame to go around, it’s not really clear what happened. It could


Will Tesla Motors Change the World?

It’s a little bit mind-boggling to think that only a century ago, cars were just starting to become available to the average man. Fast forward to today and almost everyone in the modern world has a vehicle, if not two. Cars have become one of the most ubiquitous and important pieces of technology that we


Creating Energy Champions

In late January, I had the great pleasure of joining a group of Charlotte, N.C. city employees at an “Energy Champions” training hosted by Duke Energy and Charlotte Center City Partners. The city workers were bursting with enthusiasm, inventing creative ideas on the spot about how to motivate people to reduce energy use in the


Chicago Climate Futures Exchange to Close Doors in 2012

Just over a year after purchasing the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange (CCFE), Intercontinental Exchange Inc. plans to close the derivatives trading platform, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Intercontinental purchased the Futures Exchange, along with the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and the European Climate Exchange (ECX) in July 2010 from Climate Exchange PLC for

New Law in Jordan to Boost Solar Energy

Private companies looking to invest in renewable energy projects inJordan may now be able to negotiate directly with the Energy Ministry,announced a senior official on Wednesday. It is hoped the change —which permits local and international firms to bypass a competitivebidding process — will expedite the development of renewable energyprojects across the country. The provision