03 Mar

Panasonic’s Photosynthesis Art Installation from Akihisa Hirata


Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata has come up with a striking installation for Panasonic, which he …

27 Feb

Ford’s New Electric Vehicles: Panasonic Inside

Energy Boom

Japan’s Panasonic Corporation has signed an agreement with Ford Motor Company to supply lithium-ion battery …

22 Feb

Japan Replaces Nuclear With Wind Power

Green Chip Stocks

In 2010, the UK’s industry economic valuation report predicted that floating wind turbines would eventually …

20 Feb

Top 10 Countries for Green Investors to Consider

The Green Market Oracle

CleanTech, renewable energy and environmentally oriented companies, are reshaping the global economy. While purely resource …

06 Feb

Chinese Solar Crushing Japanese Solar Companies

Green Chip Stocks

Japanese Companies, which were the leading solar companies in the early part of the century …

26 Nov

Panasonic to Build Solar Plant in Malaysia

Energy Refuge

The Japanese technology company yesterday announced it will build a $580 million solar cell plant …

25 Oct

Japan Loves Solar Mopeds


Solar-charged mopeds anyone? The Yamaha electric mopeds parked underneath a series of small solar arrays …

24 Oct

Top 5 Places to Create Solar Power


Solar  is being harvested on a large scale using various methods and at various places. …

07 Sep

Japan Wants to be the Leader in Renewables

Cleantech, Applied

Recently, Japan’s Parliament passed an aggressive national feed-in-tariff (FiT) for renewable energy, positioning itself as …

28 Aug

Japan Solar Shipments to Jump 10 Fold

Headway Solar

Solar panel makers and Solar market as a whole will get a lift this year …

24 Aug

Electric Vehicles With No Batteries?


You would be aware of a range of options available for running electrically powered vehicles, …

23 Aug

Japan Moves Away from Nuclear Power


In a down market, and in a country that has been affected by a catastrophic …