24 Apr

Countries Leading the Solar Effort


Solar energy is becoming an increasingly desirable and viable alternative energy source. The sun can …

14 Apr

Mitsubishi’s M-tech Labo EV-Smart Grid Demo


The M-tech Labo is one of Japan’s four smart grid initiatives that aim to demonstrate …

12 Apr

Solar and Geothermal: Booming in Japan


Japan could become the next boom market for solar after it rolls out feed-in tariffs …

11 Apr

70MW of Solar Coming to Japan

Green Chip Stocks

While Japan tries to figure out whether or not it wants to fire up its …

10 Apr

In Focus: Space Solar Power

Energy Refuge

We recently wrote about the feasibility of space solar power, which uses satellites in space …

01 Apr

Honda Introduces Solar Hydrogen Station


This is the first installation in Japan of a total system to produce, store and …

21 Mar

Smart Solar International’s 36% Efficient Triple Junction Solar Cell


Smart Solar International Inc, an offshoot organization from the University of Tokyo is developing their …

16 Mar

Toyota Launches Residential Fuel Cell System


A residential fuel cell system is about to enter the market co-developed by Toyota, Kyocera, …

12 Mar

Japan: 1 Year After Fukishima

The Green Market Oracle

On the one year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami, Japan held solemn memorials. The …

10 Mar

The Solar Techno Park in Yokohama, Japan


In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear mishap, Japan has far increased its attention towards …

07 Mar

Seiko Introduces World’s First Solar Powered GPS Watch


Seiko Holding Corp., a Japanese watch company revealed this Monday, the world’s very first solar …

06 Mar

Japan’s Solar Apartments Sell Out

Green Chip Stocks

It’ll be a year on March 11thsince the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami occurred in …