Seiko Introduces World’s First Solar Powered GPS Watch

Seiko Holding Corp., a Japanese watch company revealed this Monday, the world’s very first solar powered watch named Seiko Astron, which uses global positioning system satellites and can keep time anywhere on the earth. According to Shinji Astron, President of Seiko, this is the second time that Seiko has brought revolution in the watch industry. […] Read more

Japan’s Solar Apartments Sell Out

It’ll be a year on March 11thsince the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami occurred in Japan. The result was billions of dollars in damage to major prefectures and a catastrophic meltdown at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. A smörgasbord of harmful materials with half-lives in the millions of years have been detected in the […] Read more

Panasonic’s Photosynthesis Art Installation from Akihisa Hirata

Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata has come up with a striking installation for Panasonic, which he calls the “Photosynthesis”. According to the designer, the installation has been designed in accordance with the biological process of storing clean solar energy. The installation makes use of Panasonic’s green product line as a link between natural and man-made materials. […] Read more

Ford’s New Electric Vehicles: Panasonic Inside

Japan’s Panasonic Corporation has signed an agreement with Ford Motor Company to supply lithium-ion battery cells for its upcoming electric and electric-hybrid vehicles. Panasonic battery’s will help power the Ford Fusion Hybrid Electric, the C-Max Hybrid Electric and the Ford Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi plug-in hybrids. This news comes just over a year after […] Read more

Japan Replaces Nuclear With Wind Power

In 2010, the UK’s industry economic valuation report predicted that floating wind turbines would eventually offer the most power generating potential in the wind industry. We reported on this prediction a couple of years ago, and offered a brief history on floating turbine technology. Take a look. . . We first told you about floating […] Read more

Top 10 Countries for Green Investors to Consider

CleanTech, renewable energy and environmentally oriented companies, are reshaping the global economy. While purely resource focused economies may decline, countries that are focused on sustainability are likely to emerge as the new generation of economic leaders. According to researchwhitepaper.com here are ten countries that green investor should consider: Canada Canada is doing more than relying […] Read more

Chinese Solar Crushing Japanese Solar Companies

Japanese Companies, which were the leading solar companies in the early part of the century have steadily lost the top global rankings to Chinese companies. Now many of the top Japanese Solar Energy Companies are retreating from markets and manufacturing completely. Sharp, which was the largest solar company in 2009 and 2010 has radically restructured […] Read more

Panasonic to Build Solar Plant in Malaysia

The Japanese technology company yesterday announced it will build a $580 million solar cell plant in Malaysia, according to Reuters report. The company has been attracted overseas by a strong yen, which has made domestic production more costly. The numbers are quite impressive: the new plant will create 1,500 new jobs and increase by 50 […] Read more

Japan Loves Solar Mopeds

Solar-charged mopeds anyone? The Yamaha electric mopeds parked underneath a series of small solar arrays in the picture above will soon be available for rent in front of the Kokokei JR Station in Tajimi Citi-Gifu Prefecture in Japan. The solar-charged mopeds are part of an effort by Tajimi City Electric Bike Leasing Organization to promote […] Read more

Top 5 Places to Create Solar Power

Solar  is being harvested on a large scale using various methods and at various places. Some places are highly recommended for use of solar energy as the sun’s concentration is high at such places. So here we are with a list of five best places to harvest solar energy on a large scale to make […] Read more

Japan Wants to be the Leader in Renewables

Recently, Japan’s Parliament passed an aggressive national feed-in-tariff (FiT) for renewable energy, positioning itself as the next large growth market for renewable energy. The new energy law calls for 30,000 megawatts of renewable energy to be deployed over the next ten years. Feed-in-tariffs have been remarkably effective in accelerating renewable energy deployment, because they enable […] Read more

Japan Solar Shipments to Jump 10 Fold

Solar panel makers and Solar market as a whole will get a lift this year thanks to new renewable energy laws that has been passed in Japan. A renewable energy bill will include a feed-in tariff that pays homeowners for the power they generate from solar panels, analyst Jesse Pichel said. The bill, which will […] Read more

Electric Vehicles With No Batteries?

You would be aware of a range of options available for running electrically powered vehicles, also commonly known as EVs. But, here’s an innovative concept taken up by Masahiro Hanazawa of Toyota Central R&D Labs, and by Takashi Ohira of Toyohashi University of Technology – A class-apart, environmentally friendly proposal to power EVs to run […] Read more

Japan Moves Away from Nuclear Power

In a down market, and in a country that has been affected by a catastrophic natural disaster that wreaked havoc on an energy source that supplied 1/3 of the total energy used for power, Japan has decided to shift away from nuclear power, and invest heavily in solar, geothermal, and wind power. The move also […] Read more