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In Focus: China’s Huge Emissions Gap

In Focus: China’s Huge Emissions Gap

China recently overtook America as the world’s largest consumer of energy — also making it the largest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions. Led by China, countries pumped record levels of CO2 into the atmosphere in 2011, setting the world on a path to 11 degree Fahrenheit warming by the end of the century. If that


Japan: The Next Solar King?

Solar power firms are making the bet that the Fukushima disaster in Japan last year will be a game changer for renewable energy in Japan. As reported by Reuters, the Japanese government is helping support this thinking by rolling out a very sizable subsidy for renewable energy by way of a feed-in tariff (FIT). Renewables


The Solar-Powered Microgrid

Out in Albuquerque, N.M., a smart grid-solar-energy storage project backed by a consortium of Japanese giants is testing out a key element of the idea of net-zero energy communities — how to harness mass-market solar to balance the grid inside and outside the neighborhood’s borders. At least, that’s where the idea could go for Mesa


Toyota Pixis Epoch Unveiled

Toyota Motors and Daihatsu Motor Co. entered an agreement in September 2010 to collaborate on a series of new models for Japanese consumers. This collaboration has focused largely on producing eco friendly cars; vehicles that are affordable, miserly with gas, and low on emissions. Toyota announced the release of the Pixis Epoch during a presentation last


100K Solar LED Bulbs Light Up Tokyo

LED lighting installations are probably one of the most universally loved and accepted green technology. They became popular pretty quickly to a point where they have now become common place and that obviously is a good thing. It just shows that you not only need green solutions, but ones that actually can match and better


Countries Leading the Solar Effort

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly desirable and viable alternative energy source. The sun can produce over ten thousand times more energy than our planet can, and many countries are now recognising the need to convert from traditional energy creation methods to those that are less harmful. These countries’ willingness to embrace this alternative energy


Solar and Geothermal: Booming in Japan

Japan could become the next boom market for solar after it rolls out feed-in tariffs (FiT) for renewable energy in July, and several large projects have already been announced. With its nuclear plants shuddered there’s a big energy hole that needs to be filled. Strict energy conservation efforts are helping, and the country will increasingly


70MW of Solar Coming to Japan

While Japan tries to figure out whether or not it wants to fire up its nuclear reactors again, the solar industry continue to expand in the land of the rising sun. Kyocera Corp, heavy machinery maker IHI Corp and Mizuho Corporate Bank are now teaming up to build Japan’s largest solar project at a cost


In Focus: Space Solar Power

We recently wrote about the feasibility of space solar power, which uses satellites in space to collect solar light and beam it to Earth. One of the advantages of space solar power is that it forgoes the day-night cycle and solar light capture is not hampered by clouds. Two recent deals seem to signal that


Smart Solar International’s 36% Efficient Triple Junction Solar Cell

Smart Solar International Inc, an offshoot organization from the University of Tokyo is developing their advanced version of a highly efficient solar cell. Fundamentally, their conception is based upon a uniaxial tracking light condensing system, embedded with triple junction compound photovoltaic cells. This triple junction compound cell insinuates a structure in which InGaAs (indium gallium


Toyota Launches Residential Fuel Cell System

A residential fuel cell system is about to enter the market co-developed by Toyota, Kyocera, Osaka Gas, and other Japanese corporations. The corporations, which also include Aisin Seiki Co. and Chofu Seisakusho Co., developed a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) co-generation system that can power homes. Dubbed “ENE-FARM Type S,” the system has a power