In Focus: Invisible Solar

Solar panels on a commercial basis are proving incredibly popular – the number of very large installations is rising exponentially, such as the 8minuteenergy project, which received the go-ahead very recently. These large scale solar panel systems have few downsides; they can provide a reliable source of green energy, produced very efficiently. These solar farms […] Read more

In Focus: Solar Energy Harvesting Systems

Green aficionados all over the world rejoiced when total power capacity from the renewable sources overtook worldwide production of nuclear power, in 2011. And, in that solid figure pertaining to 381 GW of renewable power, solar power alone accounted for a credible chunk of more than 43 GW, which is greater than 11 percent. But, […] Read more

Invisible PV Windows Will Soon Power Your Lights

Building-integrated photovoltaics (PVs) are undergoing arevolution, from thin, visible PV wafers suspended in window panes tofully integrated into the windows themselves. Thanks to nanotechnology and advances in photovoltaic materials, some PV cells are now thinnerthan a strand of hair, and no bigger than a quarter of a grain of rice.And by replacing metals with certain […] Read more