Microinverters vs. Central Inverters

So you’re installing a brand new solar system.  Do you go with microinverters or stick with a central inverter? What’s the function of an inverter? The task of an inverter is to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), which is needed for the vast majority of electrical devices.   Solar energy comes in the […] Read more

Micro-Inverters: Better Than Conventional String Inverters?

String (or central) inverters have been on the market all the way since the introduction of solar panels. An inverter is an absolutely necessary component of a solar PV-system. Without it, we have no way of converting direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), which is the required type of electricity for the vast majority […] Read more

Enphase Readies for IPO

Enphase, the Petaluma, Calif.-based microinverter startup just priced its maiden stock offering at $10 to $12 per share according to an SEC filing.  A date for the IPO has not been set. The pricing comes nine months after the IPO was registered with the SEC. The offer looks to raise approximately $72 million to $87 […] Read more

Efficient Solar Inverters to Hit U.S Market by 2012

As we’ve discussed in the past on this blog, there are a number of ways in which the US solar market is changing- declining panel prices, volatile state SREC markets, and innovative incentive programs are just a few examples. However, a recent announcement from REFU Solar Electronics, or REFUsol, a German manufacturer that specializes in […] Read more

Still In Spotlight: Solar Inverters

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Sandia National Laboratorieshas invested $8.5 million in four projects that have reached Stage IIIof the Solar Energy Grid Integration Systems (SEGIS) program. Theseinvestments will be matched more than one-to-one by the SEGIScontractors to support more than $20 million in total projects. Theselections announced today are part of the Department’s […] Read more

Micro Inverters for Solar Homes

For the non-engineers out there who are interested in learning asmuch as possible about how solar panels work, here’s a brief overview of micro-inverters and what they can add to a solar installation. Solar panels need (micro)inverters to convert the electricity they produce to a type that can be used at home. Solar photovoltaic panels […] Read more

SMA America Adds New Line Of Solar Inverters

SMA America LLC, the U.S.-based subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology AG, has expanded itsU.S. line of utility products with the addition of the Sunny CentralHigh Efficiency (HE) line of solar inverters. The Sunny Central500HE features a maximum output of 550 kVA, and the 630HE produces 700kVA. Both provide full AC-rated active power while maintaining a […] Read more

PV Powered Releases New Commercial Solar Inverters

Bend, Ore.-based PV Powered, an Advanced Energy company, has introduced twonew commercial inverters rated at 35 kW and 50 kW. These sizesenable installers and designers to more easily work within site-specific space limitations and provide an essential building block to completelarger projects, the company says. The new models – PVP35kW andPVP50kW – feature a new […] Read more

SCE Selects Satcon Inverters For Large-Scale Solar Program

Satcon Technology Corp., a provider of utility-scale power solutions for therenewable energy market, says its PowerGate Plus 500 kW inverter has been selected by Southern California Edison (SCE) to supplyinverters for at least 75% of its Solar Photovoltaic Program (SPVP)Project. As part of the SPVP, SCE plans to install, own andoperate up to 250 MW […] Read more

Satcon Shipping 150 MW Of Inverters For Chinese PV Projects

Satcon Technology Corp. has received an order for 150 MW of its 500 kW solar PV inverters from GCL Solar Ltd., a China-based utility-scalesolar power plant developer and supplier. This deal marks thesecond phase of Satcon’s partnership with GCL that was established in2009. Satcon will begin supplying the inverters this month, with alldeliveries scheduled for […] Read more

Could PV Inverters be the Smart Grid Portal to the Home?

There is an entrepreneurial and venture capital rush in building out the Home Area Network (HAN).  Companies like People Power, Tendril, Google,Cisco, iControl, Lixar (bought by Gridpoint), Greenbox(acquired by Silver Spring Networks), Control4, EnergyHub, EcoFactor, et al. are all working on software and hardware pieces of home andbuilding energy management. The millions of deployed smart […] Read more

2.4 MW Portland Solar Project To Use PV Powered Inverters

PV Powered Inc. says its commercial invertersare being installed in a 2.4 MW project in Portland, Ore. Theinstallation, which will be managed by a joint venture between PortlandGeneral Electric and U.S. Bank, will cover approximately 900,000 squarefeet on the rooftops of seven ProLogis distribution warehouses in thePortland area. Thin-film solar panels will be installed. For […] Read more

PV Powered Supplies Inverters For Solyndra Commercial Project

PV Powered Inc. says its commercial inverters have been installedin a new office -uilding project in Lakewood, N.J., that employs newhigh-density thin-film cylindrical solar panels by Solyndra Inc. Thedesign, engineering and installation were completed by Premier PowerRenewable Energy Inc. of El Dorado Hills, Calif. The project uses acombination of PV Powered’s 75 kW and 100 […] Read more