16 Aug

PV Inverters Market: 52.3 Gigawatts by 2018

Soaring oil prices and growing environmental concerns intensified the focus on alternate energy in recent …

16 Nov

Evergreen Solar Introduces New ES-E Series Solar Module $ESLR

Solar Industry

Evergreen Solar Inc., a manufacturer of String Ribbon solar panels withits proprietary silicon wafer technology, …

04 Nov

Amtrak Introduces New Electric Trains


Two weeks ago ,I wrote about how Eurostar, the company responsible forrunning much of the …

29 Oct

Philips Introduces Green LED TV With Solar Remote Control


Philips has introduced the Econova LED TV, which has been awardedthe European Green TV 2010-2011 …

22 Oct

GE Introduces 1,500-lumens LED Bulb $GE


Making headway into the CFL’s market, the folks at General Electricare coming up with eco-innovations …

14 Oct

Lumeta Introduces Its Giant Stick-On Solar Module

Greentech Media

Glue. That’s literally one of the secret ingredients of a new and relativelynovel solar module …

13 Oct

Bosch Introduces Electric Bike at SPI


Bosch Solar Energy is gearing up to unveil its latest solar poweredelectric bike at the …

08 Oct

Solarfun Introduces E-Star PV Modules $SOLF

Solar Industry

Solarfun Power Holdings Co. Ltd. has launched the E-Star line of PVmodules. E-Star modules are …

22 Sep

RESOL Introduces New Solar Controllers

Solar Industry

Germany-based manufacturer RESOL has added three new controllers to its DeltaSolar solar controllerline: the DeltaSol …

14 Sep

Ferro Introduces New PV Pastes

Solar Industry

Ferro Electronic Materials, a supplier of materials for fabricating photovoltaic silicon solarcells, has developed a …

31 Aug

Global Solar Energy Introduces New BIPV Module

Solar Industry

Global Solar Energy Inc., a manufacturer of copper indium galliumdiselenide solar material, has unveiled a …

11 Aug

SunRun Introduces Pennsylvania Program

Solar Industry

SunRun, a home-solar services provider, has launched its services in Pennsylvania. The company offers solar …