14 Jun

Experts: Solar Needs Global Collaboration

Energy Refuge

An expert panels of IEEE members, representing the world’s largest technical professional association dedicated to …

14 Jun

Sunnier Outlook for First Solar Abroad


First Solar’s had some less than stellar days of late but you can’t count the …

04 Jun

In Focus: Chile’s Solar Market


Chile is emerging as a possible hub for solar energy development. Green Power Conferences will …

31 May

In Focus: India’s Solar Industry

The Solarserver

The feed-in-tariff (FiT) market in India is governed by various national and state policies. Solar …

28 May

Saudi Arabia: Future Solar Leader?


Saudi Arabia has launched one of the world’s most ambitious solar-energy programs today. At the …

28 May

Solar: Powering 50% of Germany

Energy Refuge

Europe’s ‘economic powerhouse’ can add solar to its epithet. Germany’s solar power plants reached a …

26 May

Morocco Beefs Up Solar Effort

Green Chip Stocks

As reported in Reuters, Morocco is planning on accelerating the tender processes for developing its …

25 May

Japan’s Solar Industry: Ready for Liftoff

Cleantech, Applied

Last year, the Japanese government announced the creation of a national feed-in tariff (FiT) for …

19 May

Is China Solar Slumping?


Solar energy may be the answer to our power problems but companies engaged in the …

18 May

$571M Solar Power Plant Coming to Spain


This project will prove to be a solar boom for Extremadura as apart from the …

11 May

Saudi Arabia’s $100B Solar Plan

Climate Progress

Even the world’s largest producer of oil understands the value of developing renewable energy. A …

09 May

Germany Loves Their Renewable Energy

Energy Boom

Electricity rates in Germany drop by up to 40% during the hours in which solar power …