‘Lighting as a Service’ from Philips

Washington, DC is following in the footsteps of a bunch of cities that have – or are in the process of – switching their lighting to LEDs. But unlike the other cities, Washington isn’t paying the high costs of making the switch  – it is taking advantage of Philips Lighting’s (which manufactures the LEDs) first foray into offering a […] Read more

The Unseen Torture of PV Integration in Mass

If Kimbo Slice signs a contract with an installer/integrator for a 5kW PV system onhis house in MA on Monday, and it takes 2 days to install 5kW, whyshould Kimbo not be able to turn on his system on Thursday? 1. Commonwealth Solar Rebate Approval: 1-2 month wait Kimbo knows that he can get up […] Read more

NREL Using $2.79 Million Grant To Study Solar Grid Integration

TheCalifornia Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has awardedapproximately $2.79 million in California Solar Initiative Research,Development, Deployment and Demonstration program grants to theDepartment of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) tohelp the state stimulate solar energy research and build a sustainablesolar market. The grants awarded to NREL are part of thecommission’s first solicitation for projects that focus […] Read more

Chinese firms ride vertical integration to solar cost leadership

Chinese solar firms Trina Solar Ltd. and Yingli Green Energy HoldingCompany Ltd. have capitalized on their vertical structures—combiningthe sale of Photovoltaic (PV) wafers, cells, panels and installation—toachieve the lowest costs in the industry. But will their successcontinue as solar market conditions change? “Yingli and Trinahave capitalized on their capability to quickly reduce margins acrossthe solar […] Read more

GridPoint Gets Into Solar Integration With SMUD, ComEd

Smart grid software startup GridPoint said Wednesday that it is helping the Sacramento Municipal Utility District with a pressing problem – managing power from its customers’ rooftop solar panels. The Arlington, Va.-based company has landed a contract to help theSacramento, Calif.-based municipal utility manage renewable powerintegration, energy storage and home energy management systems. SMUD last […] Read more