05 Mar

PV Powered Inverters Installed In Two Warehouse PV Projects

Solar Industry

PV Powered Inc. says its commercial inverters have been installedin both the Corona, Calif., and …

16 Feb

How Can Solar Get to $1/Watt Installed?

Greentech Media

Since you are reading this, I am going to guess that you arepro-photovoltaic. Like me, …

27 Jan

Enphase Microinverters Installed At Calif. Solar Project

Solar Industry

Enphase Energy and Premier Power Renewable Energy Inc., a provider of solar power systems, have …

22 Dec

ElectraTherm Green Machines Installed At Concentrating Solar Power Plant

Solar Industry

ElectraTherm Inc. saystwo ElectraTherm Green Machines have been installed at the Holanikusolar farm on Hawai’i …

21 Sep

Solar panels + grid alternatives = fun

Go Green Solar

I had a great weekend volunteering for GRID Alternatives to install solar panels for a …

14 Sep

Sun-free solar power surpasses conventional solar output


Installing rooftop solar panels to make a single homego off-grid is easy. However, using the …

03 Sep

Double the share, double the fun (ENER)

The truth about ECD?

With one swift 200.5KW non-profit installation reservation in Union City, CA on 8/31/2009 (is this …

26 Aug

Solar-powered Photobioreactor generates biofuel using algae


We recently showcased Emergent Architecture’s Flower Street Bioreactorthat was designed to be installed in Los …

25 Aug

Xunlight Delivers Flexible Solar Modules From 25 MW Production Line

Solar Industry

Xunlight Corp. has delivered its first shipmentof flexible and lightweight, triple-junction amorphous silicon solarmodules manufactured …

01 Aug

Inflatable Solar Skin allows inefficient buildings to generate solar energy


Architecturalfirms are envisioning new buildings that will be able to generateenergy for themselves with a …

18 Jul

New Hampshire Solar Rebate Cash Now Available

New Hampshire homeowners who installed solar panels over the pastyear have been waiting for the …

15 Jul

Toyota installs solar energy generating flowers to promote Prius


Auto manufacturers do everything they can to promote their newest vehicles. While most manufacturers rely …