Enphase Microinverters Installed At Calif. Solar Project

Enphase Energy and Premier Power Renewable Energy Inc., a provider of solar power systems, have completeda 123 kW ground-mounted solar power system for the Truckee SanitaryDistrict, a wastewater utility in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Accordingto Mark Santos, senior renewable energy specialist at Premier Power,Enphase microinverters were selected in order to provide increasedsystem reliability under harsh […] Read more

ElectraTherm Green Machines Installed At Concentrating Solar Power Plant

ElectraTherm Inc. saystwo ElectraTherm Green Machines have been installed at the Holanikusolar farm on Hawai’i Island. Keahole Solar Power LLC (KSP) purchasedthe Green Machines, which are used in a co-generation process to createadditional power and increase system efficiencies. The Holanikusolar farm uses Sopogy’s micro-scale concentrating solar powerconcentrators for power generation. The Holaniku project represents thefirst […] Read more

Solar panels + grid alternatives = fun

I had a great weekend volunteering for GRID Alternatives to install solar panels for a low income family in Lynwood, CA. For those of you who don’t know GRID Alternatives,they’re a non-profit who’s on a mission to empower communities in needby providing renewable energy and energy efficiency services, equipmentand training. Since 2001, GRID Alternativeshas been […] Read more

Sun-free solar power surpasses conventional solar output

Installing rooftop solar panels to make a single homego off-grid is easy. However, using the same technique in skyscrapersisn’t feasible because the roof area available for PV panels isn’t muchto power the entire building underneath. New Energy Technologieshas come up with a solution – allow solar panels to harvest artificiallight which is in abundance in […] Read more

Double the share, double the fun (ENER)

With one swift 200.5KW non-profit installation reservation in Union City, CA on 8/31/2009 (is this the "recently awarded large rooftop project for a California college, funded in part by government incentives" mentioned by Mr. Morelli on the Aug 27th earnings call?), Unisolar effectively doubled its market share in California to 0.2%(yes, zero point two percent), […] Read more

Solar-powered Photobioreactor generates biofuel using algae

We recently showcased Emergent Architecture’s Flower Street Bioreactorthat was designed to be installed in Los Angeles. The architecture firmhas designed an even better bioreactor system that is being envisionedto be installed in Perth. The Perth PhotoBioReactor will use colonies of red and green algae to generate biofuel. Theouter shells of the Photobioreactors are fiber-composite monocoqueconstruction, […] Read more

Xunlight Delivers Flexible Solar Modules From 25 MW Production Line

Xunlight Corp. has delivered its first shipmentof flexible and lightweight, triple-junction amorphous silicon solarmodules manufactured on its newly installed 25 MW wide-web roll-to-rollplasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition production line. Theannouncement was jointly made by Xunlight Corp., the University ofToledo (UT) and the Ohio Department of Development. Thisshipment of modules is part of a 10 kW […] Read more

Inflatable Solar Skin allows inefficient buildings to generate solar energy

Architecturalfirms are envisioning new buildings that will be able to generateenergy for themselves with a solar energy generating façade. But withmost of the metropolis already converted into a concrete jungle therehas to be a way to make the already existing skyscrapers green.Designers over at Studio Formwork have tried to do just that with a new […] Read more

New Hampshire Solar Rebate Cash Now Available

New Hampshire homeowners who installed solar panels over the pastyear have been waiting for the Public Utilities Commission to releasesolar rebate funds via the state’s residential renewable energy rebate program. On Tuesday, July 14th, the NH PUC flipped the switch, making the solar rebate application form (PDF) available online. The current round of funding applies […] Read more

Toyota installs solar energy generating flowers to promote Prius

Auto manufacturers do everything they can to promote their newest vehicles. While most manufacturers rely on ingenious adverts, Toyotahas taken the upcoming launch of the Prius to the streets, by installedoversized solar-energy generating flowers in Boston. The installed willbe installed in different parts of the world over a period of four months. Thecompany has installed […] Read more

Is Smaller the Future for Residential?

Right now, the average California consumer might put 3 kilowatts ormore of solar on their house, but the new trend might be toward one andtwo kilowatts. Small systems can be financed on a credit card, said Mark Goldman, co-founder of Armageddon Energy,which wants to make modular solar systems for homes, during apresentation at a panel […] Read more

Las Vegas Announces Solar Carport Project

Las Vegas city officials just announceda new plan to install solar panels on dozens of carports throughout thecity as part of a solar initiative funded by stimulus money. Of the $11million in question, a little over $1 million is from the Community Development Block Grant,a HUD program intended to create economic opportunity (”jobs”, inEnglish) and […] Read more

Maine Solar Rebate is Back

Good news for homeowners and businesses in Maine looking to getsolar: the state has re-opened its solar energy rebate program. Here’sa quick rundown of the solar rebate levels: Solar thermal systems are eligible for a rebate worth up to 25 percent of installed costs, capped at $1,000. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panel systems receive a rebate […] Read more