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In Focus: Dupont’s Solar Quality Standards

In Focus: Dupont’s Solar Quality Standards

Solar installations were removed from twenty-four San Diego Unified School District campuses after corrosion was discovered that threatened the possibility of electrical issues that could lead to fires. The 4.3-megawatt installation was built in 2005-06 by Solar Integrated Technologies (SIT). SIT was acquired by Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) (PINK:ENERQ) in 2009. ECD’s Uni-Solar manufactured the


10 Green Initiatives of Coca Cola $KO

The Coca Cola Company is one of the largest worldwide beverage retailers, manufacturers, and marketers of various non-alcoholic beverages. Currently, the company sells more than 500 brands in more than 200 countries. The Coca Cola Company also has a long history of sustainability and helping with the environment. They maintain a large focus on the


Top 10 Clean Energy Initiatives in NYC

Michael Bloomberg has been the Mayor of New York City since January of 2002. One of the biggest domestic issues that Mayor Bloomberg has been dealing with is New York’s role in preserving the environment and global warming. Aside from motivating his own city, Mayor Bloomberg has been instrumental in motivating a number of other

Arizona to Promote Its Solar Power Initiatives at SPI

This Tuesday will usher in one of the most important weeks of the year for the solar industry as Solar Power International (SPI)2011 lights up the Los Angeles Convention Center in for the first of three days.And when the convention commences, representatives from the ArizonaCommerce Authority (ACA), the state electric utility APS, the GreaterPhoenix Economic Council (GPEC) and leaders from several other Arizonacities will be

Solar Energy Initiatives announces completion of 2.5 MWs of PPAs

Solar Energy Initiatives Inc., with businesses in solar projectdevelopment, distribution and workforce training, has signed three Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to build 2.5 MWs of projects with municipal and institutional clients. Under the completed agreements, TVA has agreed to purchase all of the powerthe systems produce, as well as


New PV Standards Initiatives Lower Costs for All

Advanced automation of the PVmanufacturing process will make a major contribution to reduced costsfor solar cells and panels through increased throughput, improvedproduct quality, better yields, and lower maintenance and operationalexpenses. No single company can fully realize these benefits withoutworking closely with their suppliers and their competitors. Highlyautomated and advanced manufacturing systems are comprised of multipleequipment


NYC Public School’s Green Initiatives

Green initiatives are being replicated in public schools in New YorkCity’s five boroughs. Two of New York’s public schools have receivedgreen awards including PS 334 (the Anderson School) which won the Department of Sanitation’s Golden Apple Award for starting a new recycling program. Anderson followed the example of PS 199, who have a robust recycling


Oakland’s Green Jobs and Energy Initiatives

Oakland, California is seeking comprehensive solutions to environmental problems that include social issues like poverty. In July, Oakland was named a 2010 Smarter City for Energy. Oakland is developing local green businesses and training residents for the new green workforce. Local groups and educational establishments haveteamed up to train and place low-income residents in jobs


Clean Energy Ministerial: 24 Nations Endorse 11 New Worldwide Initiatives

The first-ever Clean Energy Ministerial brought together ministers and stakeholders from 24 nations inWashington, D.C., last week to collaborate on policies and programs that accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy technologies.Participants included executives from top global companies – including Charlie Gay of Applied Materials. Charlie, who is president of Applied’s solar business, was a


11 Clean Energy Initiatives Announced at Clean Energy Ministerial

As a result of the world’s first international Clean Energy Ministerial, the U.S., who hosted the event, announced the launch of eleven new clean energy initiatives. "The Clean Energy Ministerial has brought together leaders fromaround the world to take unprecedented actions to deploy clean energytechnologies – from energy efficiency to renewable energy to smart grids to carbon

Recent UN Climate Change Initiatives

As part of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Ban Ki-moon, theUN’s secretary general, urged leaders of the Group of the G20 toincrease their investments in clean energy and the green economy. "The risks — and costs — of inaction on climate change grow each year. The more we delay, the more we will pay," he

Solar Energy Initiatives To Install 4 MW At Pa. Schools

Solar Energy Initiatives Inc. hassigned a letter of intent with a school district inPennsylvania to install and operate approximately 4 MW of photovoltaicsystems on government buildings. The company anticipates that theprojects will break ground this fall and will be completed during spring 2011. Solar Energy Initiatives will provide all solar equipmentfor the installation on the