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Cheap Separation Method of Graphene Developed

Cheap Separation Method of Graphene Developed

Recently an Innovative, environment friendly and cheap separation technology has been developed by the research team of Prof. Byung Jin Cho and Prof. Taek soo Kim. The research was initiated by Korea Research Foundation and the Ministry of Education and Science supported by Research Support Program and the Global Frontier program. It has been a

Google Develops Inexpensive Mirrors to Cut Cost of Solar Thermal by 50 Percent

Google.org’s research on “Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal”has seen a breakthrough, as the search engine giant has announced thedevelopment of a new type of concentrating mirror for solar thermalpower plants, which can cut the cost of solar thermal plants in half.Solar thermal plants rely on mirrors to focus sunlight onto a towercarrying a substance that

University of Arizona’s New Solar Device Makes Solar Inexpensive

Inan effort to lower the cost of renewable energy and make it availableat the price of conventional sources of energy, inventor Roger Angel atthe University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory Mirror Labhas produced the first prototype of a solar device that couldeventually produce energy from the sun at a price rivaling the energyproduced from conventional sources.