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How The Music Industry is Shifting to Renewables

How The Music Industry is Shifting to Renewables

Can an industry in an extreme state of change really go green? For years, the music industry has been fighting a battle to continue generating revenue. Unlike no other industry, the growth in online activity has presented endless challenges and the need to change. With many people no longer buying records and instead choosing to


Solar Throwdown: Rooftops vs. Utilities

It’s the utilities vs. rooftop solar, and with PV becoming more accessible and installations soaring, the fight is heating up. In San Antonio, the municipally owned CPS Energy last week said it will slash the value of the credit for solar produced from rooftop installations. Its claim is a central one made by the utilities: as more people produce their own


The Biggest Solar PV Projects in Latin America

As of April 1, 2013, 9.8 gigawatts of large-scale PV projects had been announced in Latin America and the Caribbean. Currently, the generating capacity of projects in operation is just 114 megawatts. Of the 9.8 gigawatts’ worth of announced projects, 731 megawatts have signed off-take agreements of some sort (power purchase agreements, feed-in tariff contracts,


Shared Solar Lands in California

Solar is already a huge California success story. The Golden State is leading the nation in new installations, helping to drive costs down and reaping economic and environmental benefits as more and more of our power comes from the sun. Now momentum is building in Sacramento for a new approach that will let the state


SEIA Has California Solar’s Back

The good folks over at the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) are all too aware of the threat facing the solar industry from utility attacks and they are fighting back – with facts about the industry and its importance. Here’s our take. Nowhere is the solar industry more vital than right here in California. Indeed,


Japan’s Solar Market: Growth is an Understatement

Japan is making significants stride toward renewable energy development, particularly in solar and wind, in the aftermath of Fukushima disaster in 2011. This year, the country will add over 5 gigawatts of solar photovoltaic capacity, surpassing Germany and the United States, forecasted a new report from IMS Research, part of consultancy firm IHS Inc. According


Thinking Outside The Box with Renewable Energy Investing

As more homeowners and business become interested in installing solar, a myriad of financing options have evolved. From third-party financiers to Solar REITs, the options available to benefit the renewable energy industry and end users keep expanding. This article highlights what alternative energy investors should know about trends in creative financing for renewables, and which


RECAP: Solar Market Insight 2012 “Google Hangout”

The Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA)’s and GTM Research’s “Google Hangout” on their new Solar Market Insight 2012 report just ended, and it was highly informative. If you missed it, here’s a quick recap. According to SEIA, “2012 was a historic and busy year for the U.S. solar energy industry,” in which PV installations “grew


2014: The Year of Solar Grid Parity

Because of strong demand for rooftop solar forecast this year in key markets and further drops in pricing, Deutsche Bank believes the solar industry will transition from subsidized to sustainable in 2014. The industry passed the 100 gigawatt (GW) threshold in 2012 and because of strong demand expected this year, the Bank expects solar to grow 20% – to