06 Jun

Japan’s Solar Industry: Ready to Explode


Japan’s existing 7.4 gigawatts of installed solar capacity is expected to double this year, thanks …

04 Jun

Solar Will Grow 20% in 2013


Demand for solar energy in the United States is expected to grow 20 percent this …

29 May

Grid Storage Industry: Ready to Launch


The grid storage market is poised to grow dramatically from $200 million today to $10.4 …

24 May

Report: Solar PV Market to Recover by 2015


Solar photovoltaic manufacturers must be starting to breathe again. Over the past few years, they’ve …

20 May

Solar Savings: Tax Credits and Solar

Jackson Bennett

It used to be that solar power took a back seat in the renewable energy …

17 May

How China Will Transform The Energy Industry


When I started in the energy business back in the early 1980’s, the utility paradigm …

08 May

Social Media and Solar

One Block Off the Grid

Last month, EcoOutfitters asked 1BOG to participate in one of their Solar Chats on Twitter. …

29 Apr

75% of New Energy Investments Are Renewable

In a striking keynote, Michael Liebreich President of BNEF spoke about the continued compound growth …

23 Apr

Europe 2012: $2.35B Invested in Smart Grid

The Daily Fusion

The Joint Research Centre (JRC), a Directorate-General of the European Commission that provides independent scientific …

23 Apr

PV Manufacturers Ready for Good News


A new NPD Solarbuzz Marketbuzz report anticipates that photovoltaic manufacturers will start to see a …

21 Apr

How The Music Industry is Shifting to Renewables


Can an industry in an extreme state of change really go green? For years, the …

19 Apr

Solar Throwdown: Rooftops vs. Utilities

Greentech Media

It’s the utilities vs. rooftop solar, and with PV becoming more accessible and installations soaring, the fight is …