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Net Metering: Whats Not to Like?

Net Metering: Whats Not to Like?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about net metering. What’s so special about net metering, and why all the fuss? Net metering is a simple concept that’s policy in 43 states. It’s like rollover minutes on a cell phone bill — it lets utility customers who install solar systems feed energy they generate into

Independent Poll Says 94% Of Americans Support Solar Energy

The vast majority of Americans support the development and funding ofsolar energy, which has remained consistent over the last three years,according to the 2010 SCHOTT Solar Barometer, a survey conducted byindependent polling firm Kelton Research. The survey found that 94% of Americans think it is important for the U.S.to develop and use solar energy. This

Your Energy Independent World

It’s the last day of Energy Independence Month here on the Sungevityblog though, of course, at Sungevity, we celebrate Energy Independence365 days a year.  We’ve laid out a vision for an energy-independenthome, community and nation.  For our last installment, we’ll take a look at some features of an energy independent global economy. The alert reader might


Your Energy-Independent Hood

Earlier this week, I blogged about how to move toward an energyindependent home.  Energy independence begins at home, but it doesn’tend there.  Today, let’s paint a picture of an energy independentcommunity. (First, get inspired by this vision-in-motioncreated by Ecocity Builders). When we shift our focus to the community level, it’s all about interdependence.  Unless we’re living

Top 4 Advantages of Solar Power

Are you burdened with your monthly home electric bills? No matter howyou try to keep your consumption of electricity low, does it still hurtyour pocket when payment is due? Have you pondered on ways on how youcan eliminate this undesirable load from your budget? Well, worry nomore. The answer to all these questions can actually