5 Promising Eco Careers

Businesses everywhere recognize their responsibility as global citizens to safeguard and conserve the earth’s resources for current and future generations. This goal is prevalent in a variety of industries relating to natural science, engineering, and architecture. Qualified people who want to follow an environmentally friendly career path have plenty of options, and here are a […] Read more

Indonesia: Full Steam Ahead on Solar and Geothermal

Indonesia is supporting its renewable energy agenda with updated incentives for geothermal projects and a new manufacturing plant to advance the country’s solar program. The island nation ranks third among the world’s top greenhouse gas polluters primarily because of carbon emissions related to deforestation for palm oil and peatland degradation. Renewables account for just 5-6% of the country’s […] Read more

10 Principles of True Energy Independence

As we approach the July 4thholiday for 2012, it’s a great time to reflect on the true meaning of energy independence for America, American businesses, and homes. Sadly, there’s a great deal of our nation that believes that energy independence means drilling, fracking, and burning fossil fuels when ever and where ever financially possible, regardless […] Read more

Sierra Club Teams With Sungevity to Help Homeowners Achieve Energy Independence

Local event to raise awareness about home solar systems and the environment PALO ALTO, Calif., July 22 /PRNewswire/ — The Sierra Club todayannounced “The Truth About Solar,” a green home technology workshopdesigned to teach local homeowners about residential rooftop solarenergy. This is the second in a series of Green Home Workshops theSierra Club is offering […] Read more

Our Declaration of Independence from Foreign Fossil Fuels

Today marks the anniversary of the ratification of the Declaration of Independence when the United States declared independence from Great Britain.  Peopletypically associate the holiday with fireworks, barbecues, parades, andother patriotic displays.   It is a day where we celebrate our countryand  all the great sacrifices we made to be the great nation we aretoday. I […] Read more

Energy Independence: A New Independence

Today, on the fourth of July, the U.S. commemorated 234 years ofindependence from Great Britain. We think it’s time for another declaration of independence – adeclaration of energy independence.In recognition of this day and theongoing debate over comprehensive energy and climate legislation,Applied Materials – the world’s leading supplier of solar panelmanufacturing equipment – outlines how […] Read more

Happy Energy Independence and Solar Recovery Day

With the economy and job-growth stagnant, oil still spewing from theBP well-head into the Gulf of Mexico as a toxic reminder of ouraddiction to fossil fuels, President Obama couldn’t have picked a better time to announce a major solar power initiative than today, July 3rd —only hours away from Independence Day. The president labeled his […] Read more

Energy Independence Begins at Home

President Obama is coming to town tomorrow to visit Solyndra, asolar panel manufacturer in Fremont that received a $535 million federal loan guarantee to build a second plant that will employ 1000 people. Presidents don’t spend a whole lot of time touring factories but, whenthey do, they select their sites carefully.  Sagging auto industry? Visit a GM plant in […] Read more

The indirect effects of energy independence

Energyindependence and environmental responsibility are not exactly the samething.  They do not have similar goals; the former seeks to acquireenergy resources domestically regardless of the type or environmentaleffects, while the latter encourages energy production methods thattake into account the effects on ecosystems.  While they may havedifferent goals on the surface, the two are not mutually […] Read more

Solar and Energy Independence

The Fourth of July: fireworks, steak tips, beer and American flags.I’m writing from Boston, where the historical connection isparticularly strong, and the fireworks celebration especiallyexcellent. We love our Independence Day. But how many of us try torelate the meaning of the Fourth to the state of the world today? We’vebeen an autonomous country, for good […] Read more