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3D Printing Can Save Our Planet

3D Printing Can Save Our Planet

Star Trek science fiction may be closer to reality, as three-dimensional printers may turn our junk into mobile phone cases, tasty treats, and even space ships. Fans of the famous 1960’s Star Trek series are already familiar with the television show’s replicator technology, which replicated tools, spare parts, and even food and drinks. Technology hasn’t


Project C.U.R.E: Distributing Solar Lights to Impoverished Nations

When children in impoverished nations open up their Project C.U.R.E.Kits for Kids, they usually get first-aid kits filled with basic medical supplies and maybe some candy. Now, thanks to the Buy One, Give Oneprogram at Nokero, makers of the world’s only solar-powered light bulb,they’ll also be getting solar light bulbs. Project C.U.R.E. is a nonprofit