Chinese Solar Tariffs: The Implications

The US Department of Commerce is imposing duties on Chinese solar manufacturers who are unfairly benefiting from China’s export subsidies. The countervailing duties (CVD) is 3 to almost 5 percent. These modest duties were arrived at by the math done by the Department of Commerce in their ruling. Based on the Department of Commerce’s numbers, […] Read more

COP 15 – Implications for Business

Theworld watched, agendas were displayed and the actual outcome of theCopenhagen Accord of December 18, 2009 left most everyone disappointedon one account or another. As opposed to a framework or a bindingagreement, the Accord is basically a memorandum that the Parties areasked to take ‘note’ of. Although it recognizes the scientific viewthat the average increase […] Read more

Oil Implications for Cleantech Investors

The future price of oil is a vitally important consideration forcleantech and renewable energy investors. When prices are high, it’sgood for cleantech, and when they’re low, it’s bad. Yet too fewcleantech investors are equipped with the ability to forecast them. The price of oil is set daily and globally by a complex interactionof many factors, […] Read more