KYOCERA solar modules illuminate ‘Cathedral of the Holy Cross’ in Turkey

Kyocera Corp. has supplied solar modules that help to illuminate theArmenian Cathedral of the Holy Cross — located on the island of Akdamar, Turkey. This year church services were held there for the first time in 90 years. As an important cultural landmark, the church isilluminated in the evenings throughout the year. The energy required […] Read more

Sun Valleys to illuminate 2010 World Expo sustainably

The2010 World Expo is scheduled to be held in May and is expected to beattended by over 70 million visitors. While designers are working hardto make their green dreams meet realism, there are some who working onsustainable means to provide illumination. The Sun Valleys is a collection of six giant funnel-shaped canopies that are currently […] Read more

LED Lantern Solar Light generates solar electricity to illuminate streets

Designers over at Vinaccia Integral Design earlier thrilled us with their Solar Modules, which could bring a curtain of sustainable lights to your home’s interiors, and now they’ve made more waves with the LED Lantern Solar Light, which is designed to illuminate streets with renewable energy. Thelights are to be crafted in aluminum with monocrystalline […] Read more