17 Apr

IKEA Goes Solar at 17th U.S Location


IKEA has plugged-in a 1 megawatt (MW) solar system on its  Paramus, New Jersey store, its …

01 Apr

Portland IKEA Installs Solar Energy System on Roof


IKEA has installed an array of rooftop solar panels on its Portland store that measures …

16 Feb

IKEA Aims for 100% Renewable Energy

Energy Boom

Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA has released its 2011 Sustainability Report, which reaffirms the company’s status …

17 Jan

85% of IKEA Stores Going Solar in U.S


Maybe it seems like we cover IKEA too much at Clean Energy Authority, but to …

18 Dec

IKEA: The New PV+EV Leader


We’re not quite sure why IKEA hasn’t publicized the PV + EV math that’s adding …

07 Dec

All Southern IKEA Stores to go Solar


Retail chain IKEA announced today that all operations in the southern US will be powered by …

19 Nov

Majority of IKEA Stores to be Solar by 2012


The Swedish furniture giant IKEA recently announced that three more of its stores plan to …

12 Nov

IKEA + Electric Vehices in Southern California

QUESTPOINT Solar Solutions

IKEA-USA a leading home furnishings retailer, today officially plugged-in four Blink Pedestal electric vehicle charging …

30 Sep

3 Retailers Going Solar Big Time $WMT $WAG

Cooler Planet

Retailers around the country are beginning to invest in clean energy sources and are setting …

13 Aug

IKEA: Thriving for Complete Energy Independence

Founder's Blog

We noticed before that furniture giant IKEA was installing solar at six stores in the …

17 Jan

IKEA Takes Solar to Costa Mesa


After announcing in October 2010 plans power eight of its stores and warehouses throughout Californiawith …

16 Dec

Ikea Adds More Solar to Retail Stores

QUESTPOINT Solar Solutions

Mike Ward, IKEA U.S. president has announced plans to install solar energy panels on twoEast …