28 Jun

Renewables to Surpass Gas and Nuclear by 2016


Power generated from renewable sources is projected to surpass that of natural gas and twice …

27 Feb

IEA: Renewables to Grow 40% by 2018


Despite economic uncertainties, global power generation from renewable sources of energy is seen to grow …

22 Jan

DOE’s International Energy Outlook: Wrong on Developing World

3000 Quads

Regular readers will remember that I predicted that China would be using 247 quads by …

02 Jan

IEA: Coal Will Dominate The Next Decade


A new report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) says that coal will be the leading …

13 Jun

IEA: Renewable Energy Investment Must Double by 2020


Getting ever louder in its calls for the world to get serious about climate change, …

02 Feb

The World’s Current Power Infrastructure

3000 Quads

Both the IEA and CARMA put the number of power plants worldwide at about 50,000. …

07 Dec

IEA: 1/3 of the World Could be Solar by 2060

Cooler Planet

The International Energy Agency historically provides conservative estimates on projections for renewable energy. The agency …

10 Nov

IEA World Energy Outlook 2010


The IEA world energy outlook is a yearly report that details global renewable energy industryfactors …

19 May

The IEA’s Global Roadmap For CSP

Energy Boom

Along with its photovoltaic solar (PV) roadmap, the International Energy Agency also released a roadmap …

18 May

The IEA’s Global Solar Roadmap Part 1 – PV

Energy Boom

Highlighting plenty of good news for solar on a global scale, the International Energy Agency …

15 Dec

IEA: World Leaders Must Act on Climate


“Whilethe details of a binding agreement may not be completely worked out inCopenhagen, it is …