19 Feb

7 Ways Solar is Killing It

CleanEdison Blog

Things are looking up for the solar energy industry. Its growth has skyrocketed over the …

17 Jan

Graphene Moves Into Solar Cells

The Daily Fusion

Researchers believe that graphene, among its other applications in energy, could be used as a transparent …

08 Aug

3 Reasons Eco Friendly Sustainable Houses Rock


We all know that our planet is seriously polluted and that people keep spending more …

22 Jul

NREL: Cutting Building Energy Use in Half

Climate Progress

The blips of a heart monitor, the hum of an MRI, the intense lights of …

01 Mar

Bill Clinton Discussus Energy Ideas at ARPA-E

Greentech Media

Former President Bill Clinton stepped onto the stage at ARPA-E’s third annual Energy Innovation Summit …

30 Sep

Big Ideas at the Renewable Energy Finance Forum


It’s always interesting to get out and interact with differentgroups who have specific perspectives on the …

24 Sep

Ideas for Innovation in Underserved Communities

Cleantech, Applied

I Recently attended Santa Clara University’s Boot Camp for social entrepreneurs, the Global Social Benefit …

23 Jul

7 Ideas to Save PACE

Greentech Media

PACE. It’s the Susan Boyle of greentech policy initiatives. PACE, or property assessed clean energy, …

09 Jul

Aspen Ideas Festival: Follow-Up

Cleantech, Applied

The Aspen Ideas Festival has been an amazingopportunity to see what some of the greatest …

06 Jul

Creating America’s Next Great Industries at The Aspen Ideas Festival

Cleantech, Applied

Today Applied Materials’ CEO Mike Splinter took part in a well-known globalthought-leader forum: The Aspen …

01 Jan

Top 5 Renewable Energy Ideas of 2009

Energy Boom

An auspicious year for renewable energy, 2009 will forever be markedby serious, fundamental changes in …

24 Sep

Solar Bicycles are Bright Ideas

Energy Boom

While bicycling provides an eco-friendly and healthy way to getaround, sometimes a cyclist needs a little help …