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SunRun Wants Utilities to Innovate Rooftop Solar

SunRun Wants Utilities to Innovate Rooftop Solar

As the cost of distributed solar, like rooftop solar, continues to become cheaper for home and business owners, utilities are getting wary, worried that distributed solar will hurt their bottom line. Sunrun CEO Ed Fenster says that to thrive such utilities should take a page from telecom companies, which changed their business model from entrenched


My Open Letter To Secretary Chu

Dear Secretary Chu, I understand you are looking for ideas on how to make solar power more affordable for the U.S. market: The Energy Department’s SunShot Grand Challenge Summit got off to a roaring start this week in Denver, as Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced $10 million in prizes for the teams that can develop the


Solar Arrives at Ikea in San Diego

IKEA’s been adding solar to its stores as quickly as homeowners can put the furniture giant’s shelves together this summer. On Aug. 23, the company announced its most recent photovoltaic array, a 252-kilowatt array at its San Diego store. The arrays are part of the company’s overall goal to become 100 percent powered by renewable

Idea of the Day – Lease Your Energy

“At first glance, going solar can seem like a no-brainer, especiallyif you live in a solar-friendly state like California or Arizona. Residential solar panels not onlydrastically reduce your carbon footprint, they can also trim yourelectricity bill to a fraction of its pre-solar total. Who wouldn’tconsider making the leap? Well, for starters, people who don’t have

Portable Solar Chargers : A Bright Idea

For those always on-the-go, keeping electronic devices like cell phones, PDAs, iPods, gaming systems, cameras and even laptops charged can be achallenge. “Although car and other portable charging solutions abound,many people often find themselves away from an electricity source,unable to power their devices,” notes Paul Holstein ofCableOrganizer.com – an eTailer offering a myriad of eco-friendlyelectronics.


Energy Management System EC-100 for conserving energy at home

The best way to be well aware of your home surroundings and energyconsumption is of course through technology again. Control4 thought ofan idea, which if successful must be used in every household – theEnergy Management System (EMS) EC-100. Through this system you canmonitor and control your home’s energy consumption though data providedby the smart meter.

Synthetic trees capture carbon 1000 times faster than their organic counterparts

Researchscientists at the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering atColumbia University have come up with an ingenious idea to captureatmospheric CO2 and perhaps, save the world as well. The idea, likemany other earth saving proposals, gains inspiration from nature. Thesescientists are developing “synthetic trees”, which are capable ofcollecting CO2 1,000 times faster than organic trees.