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Solar PV forecast — industry will bounce back with adjusted priorities

IC Insightsrecently released a new report, its first to examine and analyze thesolar photovoltaic industry from the perspective of semiconductorindustry participants. Solar Energy: Growth Opportunities for the Semiconductor Industrystarts with the market for high-purity silicon shared with the chipindustry, a market where the rapidly changing balance between supplyand demand is contributing to a rethinking of […] Read more

Solar industry strategies rerouted by market conditions

SCOTTSDALE, USA: Thin-film (TF) solar panels, most notably the cadmiumtelluride panels made by First Solar Inc., have solidly establishedthemselves as offering a lower price-per-installed watt thantraditional solar panels made using silicon wafers. The 876megawatts of TF modules sold in 2008 is expected to grow to 5.2gigawatts in 2013, a compound annual growth rate of 43 […] Read more