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In Focus: Hybrid Photovoltaic Cells

In Focus: Hybrid Photovoltaic Cells

Hybrid photovoltaic panel cells consist of inorganic materials like zinc oxide and conjugated polymers, of which the latter, also known as the donors, absorbs light and transports what are known as electron holes to the inorganic materials (the acceptors). The latter then transports the electrons which are converted into clean electricity. Hybrid PVs have the


Porsche’s 2013 Panamera S Hybrid

Porsche is all set to introduce the hyped-up plug-in hybrid edition of its Panamera series, the Panamera S Hybrid by mid next year. Featuring the same engine combination of Cayenne S Hybrid, the Panamera S Hybrid will be one of the best plug-in hybrid cars on highways after its introduction in 2013. It will hit


The 2013 Lexus GS 450h Hybrid $TM

Lexus has updated its GS 450h, a five passenger hybrid rear-wheel-drive sedan that retails from about $60,000. The first generation model was produced from 2007 through 2011; a 2012 edition was not sold. The newest Lexus hybrid demonstrates that fuel efficiency and performance are not mutually exclusive, and that luxury has never looked or felt


Toyota Prius Hybrid Race Car $TM

The Prius race car is a series of hybrid cars with production starting in 2012. A bigger battery backup, a larger cooling system, heat exchanger, cooling fan, inverter, and better pick up are some of the features that the all new Toyota Prius Race car would sport. As always Toyota has upgraded the features that


Hybrid Thin Film Solar Cells by Silevo

Silevo, the solar startup formerly known as Sierra Solar Power (Sierra), has developed a “hybrid cell,” so called because it is a combination of three materials:  crystalline silicon n-type substrates, thin-film passivation (non-reactive) layers that allow higher voltages, and a tunneling oxide layer. Sierra is the owner of record of several published patent applications, including U.S.


The Solimpeks Hybrid Solar Power Collector

A new product launched by a Turkish solar company called Solimpeks offers an ingenious solution to homeowners who would like to benefit from own solar power. The company’s Volther is a hybrid photovoltaic-solar thermal collector, which produces electricity and hot water simultaneously. The company said in a press statement that the hybrid system allows extra


The 5 Pimpest Green Cars of 2011

The rising fuel prices and the negative effect on the environment due to the rise in smoke belching vehicles have forced many companies and individuals to develop green cars using the modern technology. These green cars are run using the alternative sources of energy and are totally emission free. These cars may be all-electric, solar-powered,


The World’s First 3-D Printed Auto – A Hybrid EV

Here’s the new Urbee Hybrid, a car described as the world’s first 3-D printed auto, developed by Minneapolis’ Stratasys and Winnipeg engineering group, Kor Ecologic.  Apparently, the companywill not divulge too much information about its drivetrain, other thanthat it’s a hybrid and gets about 150 MPG.  Now I don’t want to sound like I’m impossible

Cogenra’s Hybrid PV and Hot Water Plus Financing

Cogenra Solar is a solar cogeneration startup combining photovoltaic and heat generationto deliver electricity and hot water for commercial and industrialsites.  We profiled them here in September. Hybrid PV and hot water is not entirely new — the real innovativepiece at the Khosla Ventures-funded Cogenra might be the introduction of the Heat and Power Purchase