26 Jul

The Future of Aviation: It’s Electric!


After attending the Air Paris Show where aviation vendors show off their latest innovations, Frost …

21 Jun

Electric Cars: $1 Gallon of Gas


Remember the days when a gallon of gas cost $1 or less? While those days …

02 Jun

The LaFerrari Hybrid Supercar


At the Geneva car show in May, Ferrari unveiled its first hybrid supercar. A handful …

28 Feb

Attention Jewish Seniors: Cadillac Introduces New EV Hybrid Vehicle

Greentech Media

Cadillac unveiled a first ELR concept back in 2011, and ever since then everyone was …

28 Feb

Affordable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars by 2015?

2050 Magazine

According to reports flying around in the motor press recently, the race to start mass-producing …

25 Feb

The Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid: Sickest Green Car?


Ever since it first entered the market, the Porsche Cayenne started gaining worldwide recognition thanks …

18 Dec

Nissan’s Hybrid Plans Revealed

Green Chip Stocks

Nissan gave an update on a slew of eco-targets Wednesday, highlighting cuts in CO2 emissions …

07 Dec

Going Somewhere? Consider these Green Options

Cooler Planet

Bounce Your Way to Work: We’ll start from the ground up, with the perhaps most …

26 Oct

Top 10 “Cleanest Air” U.S Cities


On average, people take more than 21,600 breaths a day. Yet, research suggests two-thirds of …

08 Oct

ECOtality: Crunching EV Charging Big Data Numbers

Greentech Media

Besides being the world’s single largest deployment of EV charging infrastructure in the world, the …

27 Sep

Toyota: 21 Hybrid Vehicles by 2015


A press conference held in Toyota City, Japan last week revealed ambitious plans for hybrid …

18 Aug

Ford Hits the Accelerator on Eco-friendly Vehicles


There’s a competition brewing between two giant automakers to see who can come up with …