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Senate Climate Bill Mirrors House Bill on Free Allowances

Senate Climate Bill Mirrors House Bill on Free Allowances

The U.S. Senate released a revised version of a climate change billlate last Friday that largely tracks the free emission allowanceallocations under legislation approved in late June by the House ofRepresentatives.  The Senate will begin three straight days of hearingson the bill Tuesday and may begin voting on the measure as early asnext week with


Solar Roadmap to Full US House

House Resolution 3585 — the Solar Technology Roadmap Act — will beconsidered for adoption by the full US House of Representatives onThursday morning, October 22. According to its author, Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ),the bill would “strengthen the American solar technology industrythrough a coordinated research and development programs andpublic-private partnerships.” During a recent tour of solar

Solar Roadmap Act Moves to House

At this point in time, Americans seem eager to embrace solar energyas part of a lower-carbon–and more energy-independent–future. Solarincentive programs across the country are performing well (in somecases, too well for their own good), and as the cost of the technologybegins to drop a little, solar is a better option than ever. But wehave enormous

Clean Energy Debate Heads to White House with Corporate Executives

Asthe health care debate winds down, the next major national debate willfocus on energy reform. The investor coalition Ceres and the CleanEconomy Network organized a clean energy lobbyist forum this week atthe White House including corporate executives from more than 100companies, representing a wide variety of industries includingrenewable energy, information technology and athletic apparel. Thebusiness


Solar-powered House of the Future by Fabi Architects

Theneed to develop houses that run on energy generated by on-siterenewable energy generators is more of a necessity now than aneco-minded individual’s endeavor to save the planet. Working to developaffordable housing for the future, Fabi Architects has come up with a prototype house dubbed the “House of the Future”. Equippedwith an array of photovoltaic panels,


FSU’s futuristic house makes grid connection obsolete

Youmight have installed the world’s largest solar array on your roof, butlike other solar-powered gadgets, the array won’t do any good on anovercast day and after dark, making you suck power from the grid whichisn’t always green. Researchers at Florida State Universitythink that they’ve nailed the problem with a system that generatessolar energy during the

Solar energy increasingly incorporated into home design

Solar energy could play an important role in home design in the not sodistant future, judging from demographics and other trends. Areport in Utah’s St. George Spectrum newspaper focused on growing localinterest in passive solar homes that allow their owners to help theenvironment and save money based on the design of the structuresthemselves. "Our philosophy

SCU students ready their dream house for 2009 Solar Decathlon

The biannual Solar Decathloncompetition will be held this year in October. Universities from aroundthe globe are trying out their ecofriendly home designing skills hopingto win the competition. The latest news comes from the Santa Clara University and California College of Arts, with their Refract House. The800-square-foot house will be opened to public on September 1,


Virginia Tech designs zero-energy Lumenhaus home for Solar Decathlon

This year’s Solar Decathlon competition has kept universities craving for the next-gen technology that can be integrated into smart homes of the future. Virginia Tech’sentry to the competition is named Lumenhaus and just like othercompetitors, the house is designed to sport off-grid sustainable living. The Lumenhaushome is an 800-square-foot, 1-bedroom residence with an open floor

China and the U.S. to Develop Joint Clean Energy Research Center

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu,Chinese Minister of Science Wan Gang, and Administrator of NationalEnergy Administration Zhang Guo Bao today announced plans this week todevelop a U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center tofoster collaboration and partnership in the development of moreefficient building designs as well as sustainable communities that relyon renewable energy. The Center would facilitate joint

A Field Guide to HR 2454

Get the full story… … on “the most important energy and environment bill in our nation’s history.” – United States Representative Ed Markey The Climate Bill: A Field Guide The Climate Bill contains all the essential documents for researching and understanding this historic bill. These include: The full text of the 1,400-page Waxman-Markey bill, including


21st Century Solar Camelback Houses

Graft Architectshave unveiled a new house design that takes inspiration from thehistoric camelback shotgun typology. Traditionally camelback homes werebuilt to allow the owners to add a partial second story to a residencewhich could serve multiple purposes. These next-gen camelback homes byGraft Architects have been designed for the “Make It Right Program”. The architects have designed

Obama confident Senate will pass climate bill

President Obama gave a very lengthy “must-read” interview to theseveral reporters Sunday in which he spelled out a great deal of histhinking on the climate bill (transcript here). Since Senate passage of a climate bill depends crucially on Obama’sstrong messaging and lobbying effort, I will excerpt the interview intwo parts. The wide-ranging interview gives Obama a