28 Apr

Florida House Passes Renewable Energy Bill

Solar Industry

The Florida House of Representatives has approved H.B.7229, acontroversial bill designed to increase the state’s …

27 Apr

Companies Trying to Convince The White House to go Solar

Cooler Planet

Solar energy companies and other supporters of renewable power havereportedly been trying to convince the …

20 Apr

A History of Solar on the White House


Over the years the White House has endorsed many different energypolicies. And, interestingly enough, even …

16 Apr

House Holds Hearings On Energy Tax Incentives

Solar Industry

The House Committee on Ways and Means is holdinghearings to examine the effectiveness of current …

12 Apr

Maryland House, Senate Approve Solar Requirement

Solar Industry

A bill that would require utilities to include 2% solar power in theirelectricity mix by …

15 Feb

Turning the White House into the Green House

Cleantech, Applied

Despiteits present day interpretation (sans the great sales at the mall),Presidents Day essentially honors not …

03 Jan

Is there a penalty for selling my solar house after getting tax credits?

Solar Power Rocks

Rollin from North Carolina contacted us just a while ago to ask: If you install …

28 Nov

Dragen Children’s House Powered by Solar


Danish architecture firm C.F. Mollerhas unveiled the Dragen Children’s House, a new kindergarten in Denmarkthat …

26 Oct

Senate Climate Bill Mirrors House Bill on Free Allowances


The U.S. Senate released a revised version of a climate change billlate last Friday that …

22 Oct

Solar Roadmap to Full US House

The Phoenix Sun

House Resolution 3585 — the Solar Technology Roadmap Act — will beconsidered for adoption by …

10 Oct

Solar Roadmap Act Moves to House

At this point in time, Americans seem eager to embrace solar energyas part of a …

09 Oct

Clean Energy Debate Heads to White House with Corporate Executives

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

Asthe health care debate winds down, the next major national debate willfocus on energy reform. …