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Solar on the White House – Update

Putting Solar on the White House is really cooking now. Havingsurpassed the 5,000-signature benchmark, we’ve introduced a breakthrough new aspect to the campaign. Power the House,an innovative social media game engine enables everybody to become aSolar on the White House advocate. By spreading the word through various social media outlets participants can earn points towards

“Globama” Movement Heats Up To Get Solar Panels Back On The White House

Solar Energy Industries Association, Renewable EnergyWorld, the Post Carbon Institute andOthers Join Campaign and Call for Petition Signatures June 3, 2010 (Oakland, CA) -President Obama’s recent Bay Area visitfurther fed his administration’s commitment to clean energy sourceswith a visit to the Solyndra plant, and a national coalition issimultaneously fueling a grassroots movement to honor and encourage


Solar on the Red House?

Is Trinidad’s minister of the environment trying to one up PresidentObama?  On Tuesday, Minister Roodal Moonilal announced that he willexplore the use of solar power on government buildings.  Trinidad is asmall, developing island nation whose GDP is less than half of onepercent that of the U.S.  Trinidad is rich in oil and natural gas, butthat


Solar Field House Concept by Zellnerplus

American firm Zellnerplus’ ingenious and futuristic thinking showedit the way to bagging the second spot at the Fort Tilden Field HouseCompetition. The concept proposal for the Fort Tilden Field Houselocated on a former military site in New York is an exploration of theunformulated edge between landscape urbanism and ecologicalconservation. The idea is to power a

Florida House Passes Renewable Energy Bill

The Florida House of Representatives has approved H.B.7229, acontroversial bill designed to increase the state’s renewable energysupply. The measure would permit utilities to pass along tocustomers the costs of renewable energy projects, without full review by regulators, according to the Sun-Sentinel. Utilitieswould also receive an additional 0.5% profit margin for projects abovethe highest profit level


A History of Solar on the White House

Over the years the White House has endorsed many different energypolicies. And, interestingly enough, even had its own solar array on the roof! In the wake of the 1970’s energy crisis, President Jimmy Carterembraced renewable energy. In a 1979 speech he said, “Beginning thismoment, this nation will never use more foreign oil than we did

House Holds Hearings On Energy Tax Incentives

The House Committee on Ways and Means is holdinghearings to examine the effectiveness of current energy taxpolicy and to identify additional steps that the committee can take toensure continued job growth. The committee will also look at advancingnational energy policy, with a discussion of current and proposed energy tax incentives. Ways and Means Committee Chairman

Maryland House, Senate Approve Solar Requirement

A bill that would require utilities to include 2% solar power in theirelectricity mix by 2022 has passed both the House and Senate inMaryland. The two legislative branches now must reach agreement onpenalties that utilities will pay if they fail to meet the requirements, according to MarylandReporter.com. The bill’s opponents claimthat the additional costs associated


Turning the White House into the Green House

Despiteits present day interpretation (sans the great sales at the mall),Presidents Day essentially honors not the collective group of men whohave held the office, but rather George Washington, the first presidentof the United States. Regarded as “The Father of his Country,”Washington was celebrated for his leadership in the founding of thisnation. He is often viewed


Dragen Children’s House Powered by Solar

Danish architecture firm C.F. Mollerhas unveiled the Dragen Children’s House, a new kindergarten in Denmarkthat integrates sustainable building practices and energy-savingsystems to reduce the building’s reliance on grid electricity. Allthe components used in the construction are “Nordic Swan” eco-labeledand the construction has been certified passive-house, using a minimumamount of energy. The children’s areas are located