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It’s Official: The White House Goes Solar!

It’s Official: The White House Goes Solar!

So after quite a bit of prodding, it looks like President Obama is finally going to slap up some solar on the White House. Announced today, solar panels are going to be installed on the roofof the White House’s living quarters. When completed, the installationwill heat water and supply some electricity. To be honest, I


Budweiser Adding More PV to Brew House $BUD

Anheuser-Busch is adding 585 kilowatts (kW) of photovoltaic (PV)modules to its brewery in Newark, N.J. Combined with the 525 kW systemthat parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev installed at the plant earlierin 2010, the array will provide roughly 10 percent of the brewery’selectricity needs. It’s part of a larger move underway at the world’sbiggest brewing company to


Obama Administration Declines Solar Panels on the White House

To the disappointment of environmental activists, the Obamaadministration has declined to put solar panels on the White House roof. The organization 350.org, founded by Bill McKibben, has led a campaign to have Barack Obamare-install a set of solar panels which were originally installed on theWhite House by Jimmy Carter in 1979.  The panels are obviously


Solar House Concept from Raif Kurt

The recent advancements in solar technology have reduced the cost of solar power, making designers think about new ways to make our livesself-sufficient. Eco conscious designer Raif Kurt has come up with a zero-energy house design that is powered entirely by renewable solar energy. Dubbed the Solar Energy House, the triangular house features anarray of


Bill McKibben Goes to the White House

On September 10, exactly one month before the 10/10/10 event, 350.org’s Bill McKibben and his team went to the White House. Theyentered the meeting with over 40,000 letters asking President Obama toreturn solar panels to the White House. At McKibbens request, hundreds of people registered new work parties to encourage President Obama to reinstall solar


Solar on the White House? How About 10/10/10?

Sometimes our symbolic actions that we take can translate into tangible shifts in collective behavior.  These symbolic actions can be simplethings, but in order for them to be effective, they must be relevant tothe issues that are circulating, pulsing within the general public. Reinstalling the solar panels back on the roof of the White House hasthe


The Hemp House by Push Designs #420

Push Designs has completed constructing the first Hemp House in the U.S. Built inAsheville, NC, the sustainable house, which has been created from arenewable hemp-based material, called Hemcrete, features several green and energy-saving materials on the inside aswell. Hemcrete is a sustainable material that has been made from hemp,water and lime. The breathable material purifies

White House Solar Panels Recovered

The Solar Science and Technology Museum in Dezhou, China, last weekreceived one of 32 solar panels once installed on the roof of the WhiteHouse and later forgotten to collect dust in a government storagefacility. Unity College in Maine rescued half of the panels from the darkstorage area about five years after the Ronald Reagan administrationremoved

Yingli Starts Operation Of In-House Polysilicon Facility $YGE

Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd. says its in-house polysilicon manufacturing facility, Fine Silicon Co. Ltd.has begun commercial operation. Fine Silicon announced it has commencedtrial production and reached certain key technology and operatingmilestones in December 2009. With monosilane-based polysiliconmanufacturing technology, the polysilicon plant, with a designedcapacity of 3,000 metric tons per year is capable of


Why Cant We Get Solar On The White House?

What better example can a President set to guide the country to a more sustainable path than to put solar panels on his own home?  Many environmental organizations and companies have banded together to encourage President Obama to install a new set of solar panels on theWhite House. In 1979, Jimmy Carter became the first President

Solar on the White House Update

Solar on the White House has gone global! With all of the greatsuccess we have seen in the United States and the support we havereceived internationally, the campaign has challenged several key worldleaders to install solar on their homes with the help of 350.org. Already, President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives has taken the lead

The Solar Fakro House by Tim Stephens

The Fakro House by Tim Stephens incorporates vernacular buildingdesign with sustainable energy generating features to create a beautiful rural-modernist retreat in the Whangaripo Valley, New Zealand. The project contemplates an eco-friendly home with integrated passiveenergy systems. Made from modern timber and metal cladding the housefeatures insulated external walls and a pitched roof with solar/photovoltaic panels


Solar on the White House Update

Hey Solar Advocates! We’ve added two new partners (ASES, AmericanSolar Energy Society and the ASES National Solar Tour) and have hit the 6500-signature mark! Additionally, our top Power the House advocate is now a Solar Senator with over 4500 points! Make sure you keep spreading the word and lets keep the momentumgoing! ASES(American Solar Energy


First Ronald McDonald House in California Goes Solar

Ronald McDonald HouseCharities of San Diego, and Canadian Solar Inc. one of the world’slargest solar companies, and HelioPower, a leading solar powerengineering and installation firm, announced today  a new 116kWroof-mount photovoltaic (PV) solar electric system at the Ronald McDonald House of San Diego at 2929 Children’s Way in San Diego. This is the first Ronald