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TEXAS: Time to Go Solar

TEXAS: Time to Go Solar

Everything is bigger in Texas, as they say, and that’s certainly true of the state’s solar plans, too. Despite being the traditional heart of the oil economy in the U.S., the Lone Star state was also the eighth-biggest solar market in 2013, installing 75 megawatts of solar capacity last year, and providing an estimated 4,100 solar jobs.


Here Come The Solar Drones

Solar-powered drones might have the ability to replace certain types of satellites. Titan Aerospace presented its Solara 50 and Solara 60 prototypes at the Association of Unmanned Systems International conference in Washington, D.C. earlier this month and offered up an interesting new use for drones. Rather than the spying or killing contraptions exclusively useful to


MA Solar Stimulus Sells Out in Mere Hours (Again)

This morning at 9:00 a.m., Block 2 of the Commonwealth Solar Stimulus Rebate Program opened to applications for $4 million in funding forcommercial solar installations. At just before noon, the MassachusettsClean Energy Center sent around a nice email letting everyone know that all funds have been spoken for and the program is now closed.Executive Director

Solar Power After Hours!

One of the bugging questions of solar power is that it only workswhile the sun is out. So nighttime power must usually come fromtraditional methods. Recently though there has been improvement intrapping solar energy in a way that’s useable during the nighttime,other than in simple batteries. This so called “Holy Grail” lies in solar salt


Solar Flowers Springing Up Across America

Solar Flowers are sprouting up all over! 15 sculptural sunflowershave been “planted” in a lot in Austin, Texas. The sunflowers’ solarphotovoltaic panels collect energy during the daylight hours which thenpower their super-cool looking blue LED lights at night. Any excess 15 kilowattsof power is sent to the grid to offset maintenance and operating costs.The Electric

Solar Power: Our Smallest Source of Power

Althoughthe overall growth in capacity for solar and wind are growing fasterthan the capacity for nuclear or coal, renewables still amount to onlya small percentage of the overall power generated. And solar is still the smallest source of electricity, according to the monthly report from the Energy Information Administration. In the first four months of the

DOE Funds $52.5m for CSP Research

Energy Secretary Steven Chu says the announcement underscores the commitment by President Barack Obama’s administration to making electricity generated from solar energy competitive with conventional grid power. “Low-cost renewable energy generation that includes energy storage is one key to our efforts to diversify domestic energy sources and create new jobs,” says Chu. “By investing in

LED Solar Hat

We’vebeen regular in showcasing solar-powered gadgets, which sometimes keepyou off the wall socket for a charge, or sometimes just give you anability which you never would have thought of or longed for. SelectSolar’s solar baseball cap can by no means come in the former category,as simply put it’s just a cap with a pair of

Eco Rides: Single-pilot airplane to fly for 36 hours on solar energy

Powered entirely by the energy of the sun, Solar Impulse,a prototype solar-powered aircraft, is expected to make a debut on June26 in Switzerland. The aircraft comes with the wingspan of an AirbusA340 (63.40m), the weight of a car (1,600kg) and the engine power of ascooter (40CV). With 11,628 solar cells installed on its giantwingspan, the


Q-Cells Shortens Work Hours

Work-hour reduction and layoffs are becoming a norm in the renewable energy industry. Q-Cellshas cut working hours for about 2,000 employees, or 80 percent of itsstaff, according to German media reports (picked up by Deutsche Bank’sequity research division). The solar cell maker cited falling demand asthe cause for the move, which came less than a