18 Nov

WHAT? China Spends $12 Million Per Hour on Clean Energy

Energy Boom

Whether it is spending on wind turbines, high-speed rail, or solar panels it is estimated …

08 Jul

Solar Impulse Attempts 24-Hour Flight


Just before 7 a.m. local time on Wednesday, a lone pilot by the nameof Andre …

29 Mar

China Participates in Earth Hour

The Green Market Oracle

China is amongst the world’s worst emitters of CO2, but in citiesthroughout the nation, people …

26 Mar

The Business of Earth Hour

The Green Market Oracle

Earth Hour is the world’s largest event calling foraction on climate change. This Saturday 27 …

05 Sep

Solio Solar Universal Hybrid Charger

The Solar Ninja

Looking for the right personal solar charger? Solio’s Hybrid Chargeris strong enough to charge all …