WHAT? China Spends $12 Million Per Hour on Clean Energy

Whether it is spending on wind turbines, high-speed rail, or solar panels it is estimated that China is investing roughly US$12 million every hour in clean energy. Home to the world’s largest population and an energy demand that hasdoubled in the past decade, China’s financing is motivated out ofimmediate necessity rather than a response to […] Read more

Solar Impulse Attempts 24-Hour Flight

Just before 7 a.m. local time on Wednesday, a lone pilot by the nameof Andre Borschberg took off from Payerne, Switzerland with aless-than-modest mission: a 24-hour, non-stop flight in a solar-poweredaircraft. The plane — the Solar Impulse – is powered by four, 10-horsepowerelectric motors and 12,000 solar cells, a configuration that allows itto fly at an […] Read more

China Participates in Earth Hour

China is amongst the world’s worst emitters of CO2, but in citiesthroughout the nation, people and businesses showed their support forEarth Hour by turning out the lights. Last year approximately 20 Chinese cities participated in Earth Hour. This year 33 cities signed up, aswell as many businesses. In Shanghai alone, about 200 companies, 122schools, 350 […] Read more

The Business of Earth Hour

Earth Hour is the world’s largest event calling foraction on climate change. This Saturday 27 March. At 8.30 PM (localtime) people, businesses and organizations all around the globe willturn off their lights to show the world that solutions to the threat ofglobal warming are possible through collective action. Earth Hour started in 2007 inSydney, Australia […] Read more

Solio Solar Universal Hybrid Charger

Looking for the right personal solar charger? Solio’s Hybrid Chargeris strong enough to charge all of your handheld electronic products athome or on the go. It’s a Hybrid because it can accept power fromeither the wall socket or Sun storing this energy within Solio’sinternal rechargeable battery. The device then uses this energy topower your gear […] Read more