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Green Banking Rises in Popularity

Green Banking Rises in Popularity

While no two “green banks” are exactly the same, the idea behind these government-created financial institutions is to dramatically expand the clean energy market. Rather than providing grants to stimulate clean energy investment, green banks use attractive interest rates and other incentives to leverage money from the private sector. In addition to offering attractive interest


Can Solar Save Brazil?

The newest project from world-leading solar module maker Yingli Green Energy is a 1-megawatt installation at Brazil’s Arena Pernambuco soccer stadium, the site of five upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup matches. Built by Brazilian solar pioneer Grupo Neoenergia, the net-metered system is in the solar-supportive state of Pernambuco’s capital, Recife. The 3,650 monocrystalline panels will generate more


Retail and Hospitality Embracing Green

Green building is taking off in the hospitality and retail industries, says McGraw Hill in a new study. This year, retail owners that are building green for over half of their projects rose to 38%, up from just 18% in 2011. That’s expected to rise to 52% by 2015. The percentage is higher for the


Sun Boxes Hit the Big Screen

Sun Boxes at Vermont Parks are amazing! If you remember – in June – we posted about the awesome Sun Boxes at Vermont Parks. Well good news for those of you who want more. Installation artist Craig Colorusso has finished his film featuring Sun Boxes, Cubemusic, and MB 89. The film will be premiering at The Camden International


In Focus: Hotels of the Future

The future of high tech hotels is a decidedly green one, and there have been a number of breathtaking design proposals popping up in recent months for architecturally innovative hotels all around the globe. Not to mention the myriad new technologies that experts say will soon be giving the hotel industry a futuristic facelift. So,


The Solar Floating Resort Concept from Michele Puzzolante

Hotel conceptions utilizing solar energy are not really a new fad, especially when we consider the slew of green technologies flooding our modernistic avenues. However, a luxury floating hotel conception that would use low cost, dye sensitized solar cells certainly insinuates a scope of novelty and exoticism. In relation to our second example, Italian industrial


The Greenest Hotels in the World

You might consider yourself environmentally conscious at home. You may turn off lights and save water religiously. You may recycle more than you throw in the trash. You may adjust your thermostat to avoid extra heating and cooling costs. Unfortunately, too many people are unable to continue their green living habits when they stay in

SOM Delivers India’s First LEED Gold Certified Hotel

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP (SOM) have announced the completion of India’s first LEED GoldCertified hotel, which has been built in the city of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. Christened the Park Hotel, the hotel has been described as a“Modern Indian Palace,” which combines local craftsmanship and asustainable design. The 250 room hotel features a façade

The Solar Powered Flying 5 Star Hotel Concept by Thomas Rodemeier

Working to design a five-star mobile hotel, industrial designerThomas Rodemeier has come up with a concept dubbed the AirshipTraveling. Instead of having portable living-modules, the designfeatures a closed loop system in the shape of an airship, which assureshigh level of comfort and flexibility. The airship can stay aloft and can also provide the opportunity forlong


LAVA Studio to design the city center of Masdar City

Eco Factor: Sustainable city center for a totally sustainable eco-city in the desert. Australian studio LAVA has won an international competition to design the center of Masdar,a completely sustainable city in the desert. The design will include acentral plaza, five-star hotel, long stay hotel, convention center,entertainment complex and retail facilities. Thewinning design from the company