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08 Aug

Solar Outperforms S&P in 13 States


Thirteen might not be a lucky number, but it seems like a better number when …

02 Mar

Promise Energy: Solar Hot Water Rockstar


Promise Energy is a newcomer to southern California’s solar hot water market, but the company …

17 Feb

SolarBridge Brings Training to Arizona

Solar Marketing Group

SolarBridge Technologies (SolarBridge), a leading provider of integrated microinverters for TrueACTM solar modules, is bringing its nationwide …

26 Oct

China’s Solar Water Heating Numbers in Perspective

No More Naked Roofs

Two days ago the Information Office of the State Council for the People’s Republic of …

13 Aug

Global PV Monitoring Market: Ready to Launch

Greentech Media

The highly competitive global PV monitoring market, which includes inverter suppliers, independent monitoring vendors, and …

19 Jul

How Silver Prices are Affecting the Future of Solar


The skyrocketing cost of silver will force innovation in the solar industry, according to a …

25 Jun

Variable Speed vs Variable Flow Pool Pumps

Solar Southwest Florida

With new building codes in effect in Florida, I’ve been asked quite a lot about …

24 Jun

Will The U.S. Military Go for Solar Thermal?

Free Hot Water Blog

Got solar hot water? One of the ways that solar thermal can grow exponentially in …

21 Jun

India’s Solar Heating Industry Worth $200M

Green Chip Stocks

Solar Water Heaters in India are growing at an annual growth rate of more than 15% …

11 May

In Focus: Arizona’s Solar Hot Water Subsidies

Free Hot Water Blog

Free Hot Water often highlights California’s generous subsidies for solar hot water installations, but it’s …

26 Mar

STUDY: Solar Hot Water Saves 63% Off Power Bill

Green Chip Stocks

A recent study shows that using a solar thermal water heater is not just an …

18 Jan

The 5 Hottest Solar Hot Water Markets

Free Hot Water Blog

#1. Rental Apartment Buildings.  Most apartment buildings in the U.S. are heated with central gas …