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Google + SunEdison = Residential Solar Installations

Google + SunEdison = Residential Solar Installations

This morning (April 23) SunPower and Google announced that they partnered on a new, $250 million fund to finance rooftop solar arrays on homes across the U.S. While the tech giant has created funds to support home solar installations in the past, the fund with SunPower is primarily funded by the solar company and not the search

Entry-level home with integrated photovoltaic system

It’s Official: U.S Homeowners Want Solar!

Two new reports attest to the popularity of solar among homeowners across the U.S. While the two reports come from very different sources—The Center for American Progress (CAP) is a progressive advocacy organization and Market Strategies advises 20 of the U.S.’s largest utilities—their conclusions are roughly the same: U.S. homeowners are interested in and want


Green Technology At The New One World Trade Center

Sustainable architecture, also commonly referred to as green building technology, is one of the key considerations in the construction of modern high-rise buildings. This is because of the urgent need to protect the environment from possible adverse effects of sourcing for the vast quantities of materials required for the erection of such structures. Sustainable architecture


In Focus: Celebrity Solar Homes

Celebrities have an economy all their own. Buying homes, renovating them, renovating them again… or just generally spending money with ease are all part of the rites of being rich and famous. Of course, the most expensive homes also tend to be the biggest and most secluded, and while that might be great for peace

Shopping Malls Across America Go Solar

12 shopping malls in Arizona, California, New York and Connecticut are getting solar PV over the next year, as part of real estate owner Macerich’s corporate sustainability efforts. Panasonic is developing the 12 megawatt solar project, which is financed and owned by Panasonic’s financial platform partner, Coronal Management.  This is the first phase of a national solar strategy for Macerich, which


Green Homes Get 9% Premium in California

Having a green certified home adds 9% to its appraised sales value in California, finds a new study. The study is the first rigorous, large-scale economic analysis of the value of green home labels in California and was conducted by state university professors. Researchers conducted a pricing analysis of all 1.6 million single-family home sales


Top 5 Uses of New Green Technology on Old Buildings

Architects around the world are trying to incorporate green elements into their creations nowadays. In an urge to fabricate eco friendly buildings, many of them have tried to convert old existing buildings into sustainable ones. Reusing these old buildings and fabricating them by employing green techniques to make them as substantiate as possible also leaves


IBM Predicts People Powered Homes by 2016 $IBM

Computing solution giant IBM spends billions of dollars in advertising each year to try and make investors and the general public believe that its engineers are hard at work trying to come up with technology that would make things better for the humankind. And while the company has contributed immensely to modern technology, some of


The Long Island Solar Tour

EcoOutfitters was so impressed by the recent National Solar Tour and Green Buildings Open Housein our home region of Long Island, New York. We visited homes from shore to shore, across the Island, from Nassau to Suffolk County, and met homeowners who are as passionate about solar power as we are here at EcoOutfitters. A


Making Homes Greener in Austin

We’re often writing about energy efficiency on Energy Refuge as an important component of energy sustainability. Fortunately, an increasing number of contractors are advancing the green building movement and spreading the adoption of sustainable design, energy efficient construction practices and green building technologies, as Houston Neal, Director of Marketing at Software Advice Software Advice, has