22 Oct

It’s Official: U.S Homeowners Want Solar!


Two new reports attest to the popularity of solar among homeowners across the U.S. While …

10 Oct

Green Technology At The New One World Trade Center


Sustainable architecture, also commonly referred to as green building technology, is one of the key …

23 Sep

In Focus: Celebrity Solar Homes

One Block Off the Grid

Celebrities have an economy all their own. Buying homes, renovating them, renovating them again… or …

18 Oct

Shopping Malls Across America Go Solar


12 shopping malls in Arizona, California, New York and Connecticut are getting solar PV over …

21 Jul

Green Homes Get 9% Premium in California


Having a green certified home adds 9% to its appraised sales value in California, finds …

28 Jun

When is Residential Solar A Good Idea?

Andy Boyd

If you are interested in helping the environment or saving money, you may be intrigued …

17 Jun

American Homes: Using Less Energy

3000 Quads

You used to be able to predict how much energy a home would use, just …

13 Jan

Top 5 Uses of New Green Technology on Old Buildings


Architects around the world are trying to incorporate green elements into their creations nowadays. In …

20 Dec

IBM Predicts People Powered Homes by 2016 $IBM


Computing solution giant IBM spends billions of dollars in advertising each year to try and …

25 Oct

The Long Island Solar Tour

EcoOutfitters was so impressed by the recent National Solar Tour and Green Buildings Open Housein …

03 Oct

Making Homes Greener in Austin

Energy Refuge

We’re often writing about energy efficiency on Energy Refuge as an important component of energy …

01 Oct

Record 3,200 Communities Hosting Solar Tours this Weekend


Towns and counties from Boulder, Colo. to Muncie, Ind. and Franklin County, Pennsylvania to states …