24 Mar

In Focus: Cargo Container Homes


When you think of cargo shipping containers, you don’t typically think of houses, offices, or …

15 Mar

A Sustainable Future Needs Sustainable Design


Ten years ago, if someone told you that they were into sustainable building, chances are …

13 Mar

How Much Value Does Solar Add to your Home?


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10 Feb

Top 10 Solar Generators for your Home


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15 Ways to Green Your Home


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Why Referrals are Key in Choosing A Solar Installer


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04 Feb

Why Distributed Solar is a Big Deal

Residential Solar 101

A buzzword often used in promotions for small-scale solar PV development is the term “distributed …

03 Feb

In Focus: Net Metering


Let’s say you are interesting in generating your own electricity. There are a couple of …

27 Jan

The Economics of a Residential Solar Investment

Southern Energy Management

People are starting to notice that solar is becoming more main stream, and not just …

22 Jan

Top 10 Green Building Trends for 2012

Climate Progress

The green building market is expected to be worth $135 billion in the next three …

21 Jan

Getting ‘Smart’ About Your Energy

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

On Wednesday, I attended a presentation of the Green Button at EMC2, hosted by Silicon …

12 Jan

America’s Most Photographed Solar Home

Brightstar Solar

I’m sure you recognize the very famous Hollywood sign, but most people forget about the …