11 Dec

RE-volv: Crowdfunding Community Solar Installations


Andreas Karelas founded RE-volv in 2011. He started the organization, he says, “out of a …

09 Dec

Michael Jantzen’s Sun Altered Cube

Michael Jantzen

The painted steel Sun Altered Cube is a large solar powered kinetic art installation designed …

06 Dec

In Focus: Green Mortgages


Americans, who make up only about 5 percent of the world’s population, consume approximately 26 …

06 Nov

In Focus: Solar Powered Home Appliances


Home appliances consume up to a massive 20% of our total energy use so it …

03 Nov

Top 5 Homeowner Mistakes When Buying Solar

CleanEdison Blog

There is something undeniably appealing about having solar panels installed on your roof. They bring …

01 Nov

The Biggest Solar Myths and Lies

California Solar Lease

Earlier this month our sister site, solarfinancing.com, revealed some of the oil, coal, and gas industry’s …

01 Nov

Solar Power And Your Monthly Utility Bills


The main consideration for an investment in solar power is the peace of mind that …

29 Oct

The Green Real Estate Boom: Will It Happen?


In spite of tight credit for buyers, record foreclosures and falling values, a real estate …

23 Oct

The California Canopy House by Michael Jantzen

Michael Jantzen

The California Canopy House was designed to embrace Southern California’s sunny temperate climate. As a …

19 Sep

Louisiana’s Solar Boom: Just Getting Started


Louisiana’s solar market presents a baffling study of what happens when market forces come face-to-face …

09 Aug

India’s Power Grid Failure: What Happened?

The Solarserver

This is the first part of a two part piece by Raj Prabhu of Mercom …

08 Aug

3 Reasons Eco Friendly Sustainable Houses Rock


We all know that our planet is seriously polluted and that people keep spending more …