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The California Canopy House by Michael Jantzen

The California Canopy House was designed to embrace Southern California’s sunny temperate climate. As a result, the structure is primarily made of a series of large, overlaping, curved and slotted canopies. Thesecanopies shade the majority of the enclosed portion of the house. They, along with fence-like extentions of theenclosed portion of the house, form shaded


Louisiana’s Solar Boom: Just Getting Started

Louisiana’s solar market presents a baffling study of what happens when market forces come face-to-face with ideology, geography and demographics.  Like most of the country, Louisiana has benefited from the more than 40% drop in average PV panel prices last year.  By most accounts, this trend will continue despite the US Commerce Department’s proposed tariffs


India’s Power Grid Failure: What Happened?

This is the first part of a two part piece by Raj Prabhu of Mercom Capital addressing the recent blackouts in India. This first part examines technical, regulatory and political dimensions of the problem, and the second part will deal with proposed solutions. The massive grid failure in India last week affected over 600 million


3 Reasons Eco Friendly Sustainable Houses Rock

We all know that our planet is seriously polluted and that people keep spending more and more energy, which is extremely bad for our planet, therefore we need to change our bad habits to conserve our planet for future generations to enjoy. There are many ways we can reduce our energy consumption and one of


Group Net Metering: Community Solar’s Golden Ticket

Almost every state in the country has net metering laws on the books. But only a few states allow a lesser-known policy that is critical for the expansion of distributed renewables, particularly community-scale solar— that’s aggregate, virtual, or group net metering.  And there are a lot of good reasons to want to see its expansion.


Australians: Loving their Solar Panels

  Suntech’s latest solar search and photo competition generated pictures and short statements from more than 400 customers across the country. All showed great enthusiasm for their Suntech products, lower energy bills and a reduced environmental impact. One woman called herself a “groovy granny” who decided to “go green, minimizing her power bills, lessening her


Why You Need Solar

More people are beginning to realize that solar panels are not a luxury – they are a necessity. Just take cellphones, for instance… IN 1973, New Yorkers stopped and gaped in amazement as Dr. Martin Cooper demonstrated the very first cellular telephone call, right on the city street. The invention and combination of the radio, battery,


The Solar Eclipse Pavilion from Michael Jantzen

The Solar Eclipse Pavilion is a design proposal for a large steel public art gathering-place that converts energy from the sun into electricity for the community in which it is built. This solar energy conversion takes place through a 7000 square foot array of photovoltaic solar cells, which are mounted on the top of the