14 Apr

In Focus: The ChargeLounge Charge Station

2050 Magazine

The ChargeLounge developed by Fraunhofer IAO is set to change what recharging electric vehicles is …

04 Apr

Solar on Every U.S School!


This morning the National Solar Schools Consortium launched at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) …

27 Feb

Veterans: 10% of Solar Workforce


More than 13,000 U.S. Veterans are already working in the solar industry, and the number …

22 Jan

Google The Cleantech Utility

The Solarserver

Google has acquired Nest Labs, the maker of a smart learning thermostat. The Nest thermostat …

05 Nov

Off-Grid Solar is Going to be HUGE

Greentech Media

Everywhere you look, the off-grid clean energy market is booming. Sub-Saharan Africa is seeing 300 percent …

04 Nov

IKEA Delivers Solar Shelters to Refugees


Ikea made a big stir early this fall when it announced plans to sell flat-packed …

11 Oct

Oakland: California’s Hidden Solar Hotbed


When people think of sunny California, they often think of the beaches of Southern California. …

18 Sep

In Focus: Home Solar Tech

Cooler Planet

It’s a widespread belief that renewable energy can only make so much of an impact …

03 Sep

Rooftop Solar: Where the Fast Paybacks Happen

Cooler Planet

Rooftop solar is a money-maker for homeowners, now more than ever. As a result not …

26 Aug

Solar’s Answer to Moore’s Law: Swanson’s Law


Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, predicted in 1965 that the processing power of computers would …

24 Aug

Solar: The Great Payback?

Tipping Point Renewable Energy

The most common question I hear when discussing the value of solar is to ask: …

19 Aug

Hawaii: Doing Solar Right

California Solar Lease

The business outlook for solar in Hawaii certainly looks ‘sunny’ with graphs like this one from …