Utilities Killed Arizona’s Solar Industry

Arizona was one among just a couple of states in the country that lost solar jobs in 2013, according to the recent Solar Jobs Census released by the Solar Foundation. Solar advocates say the more than 1,200 solar jobs lost in the state last year could have been the result of a threatening battle with utility Arizona […] Read more

APS Loses Battle Against Solar

The first battle between a large electrical utility and consumers dedicated to choice, competition and clean energy ended this week with a bunt by Arizona Power Services (APS) and the Arizona Corporation Commission.  The commission in  a 3-2 decision opted to lower APS requested rate of almost $7.00/KW/Month to $0.70/KW/Month as a grid maintenance and […] Read more

Solar Energy Heats Up Arizona Political Campaigns

As mid-term elections approach, the race in Arizona for the state’s8th Congressional District seat is demonstrating the growing role cleanenergy plays in Arizona’s political landscape — and beyond. The district covers the southeastern portion of the state,including a large chunk of the Tucson metropolitan area, where a slew of residential solar and commercial solar energy projects […] Read more

“Globama” Movement Heats Up To Get Solar Panels Back On The White House

Solar Energy Industries Association, Renewable EnergyWorld, the Post Carbon Institute andOthers Join Campaign and Call for Petition Signatures June 3, 2010 (Oakland, CA) -President Obama’s recent Bay Area visitfurther fed his administration’s commitment to clean energy sourceswith a visit to the Solyndra plant, and a national coalition issimultaneously fueling a grassroots movement to honor and encourage […] Read more

SHEC Heats Up Solar Thermal Industry

SHEC Energy started doing research in the production of hydrogen usingsolar technology in 1996.  But with the hydrogen power market, um, still in development (i.e., non-existent), SHEC Energy’s focus is now onpower generation. SHEC has developed innovative solar concentration, receiver andthermal storage technology for the efficient collection of solar power.  "What we do is concentrate […] Read more

Israeli Cleantech Heats Up

Israelhas long been a world leader in water desalination. Increasingly,Israel is also being recognized for its cutting-edge solar technology.But the "Startup Nation" is just getting started when it comes tocleantech. "Israel is blessed with a very high concentration of folks who arecapable, experienced, knowledgeable, and daring enough to startsomething new," said Meir Ukeles, a partner […] Read more

Astralux’s Energy Partners Program Heats Up

Almost two months ago, Astralux introduced the Energy PartnersProgram™ and it has quickly become a huge hit. Part of our newlyintroduced SolarCare™ Package – the Energy Partners Program offerssubstantial rebates to Astralux customers who gather 3 or more peoplein their neighborhood or community to go solar. These group rebates canbe as high as $500 per […] Read more